10 cute and cozy travel looks

Do it for the travel selfies

As we’re prepping for spring break, we’re remembering something important: the hardest thing about traveling is finding a balance between comfy and cute- especially if you’re traveling with friends and you just KNOW you’re gonna be in 10 people’s Insta stories.

We’ve put together a few looks that will feel just as great as they look. You’re welcome.

Think Pink

We all know that Pink is the ultimate overlord of athleisure, so obviously we’re going to check them out. We love the way this jacket matches these leggings perfectly, and the crossbody bag is obviously a perfect travel accessory. Basically, you need this. An image

Black and white and chic all over

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you probably know that cropped sweatshirts are having a major moment like that. We looked to Nasty Gal for a good trendy hoodie, and we stumbled upon these colorblock leggings that absolutely complete the outfit. You can throw this on and go (and then never change out of it because you WON’T WANT TO). An image


Pro tip: buy things that match so you never have to worry about what to pair with them! Aerie has the cutest leggings, and we looooove the colors and pattern of these ones. Throw an olive green tee on top to match, and you’ll be out the door (and cozy af) in a no time! An image

For the femme

Looking cute and being cozy are NOT mutually exclusive. Dresses like this one from Lulu’s are the best because they’re breezy and light, so it’s almost like you’re not even wearing any clothes. Throw on a nice, soft American Eagle denim jacket over it, and you’ve got a real person outfit! An image

Ready, SET, go

Wearing a matching set is the best way to look good and feel good. We have a few different looks that we’re loving, if you choose to take the set route. First, Forever 21 is bringing Juicy Couture back with this matching shirt and pants set, which we love. An image

If you’re more of a solid color kinda person, Nasty Gal has you covered with the softest jogger pants and sweatshirt set you’ve ever experienced, and it’s available in multiple colors.

For something that will accentuate your curves nicely, ASOS has some great stuff like this black tracksuit. Pair it with a cute statement bag like this chic leopard weekender bag from Lulu’s, which you’ll want to pair with everythingggg. An image

And, for something a little more bold, go for a three-piece set like this one from ASOS. We love it because the pieces all look incredible together, but could also be worn separately. So it’s KIND of like you’re getting 4 new outfits, right? An image

One and done

If you want to make your outfit a non-issue, make it a one piece. It’ll be sooo cozy while you travel, and it won’t take up much space in your suitcase while you’re on your trip. A classic romper like this one from Aerie is the perfect solution, especially since it comes in three colors that match everything. An image

We’re also lovingggg this curve-hugging jumpsuit from Forever 21 that WON’T cut off all circulation to your lungs. Just throw it on and your outfit will be complete! The dreeeam. An image

If you’re more into dresses, Puma has you covered with this casual beauty that can be dressed up or down. Bring it along on vacation and you can wear it on the plane, at dinner, and even to sightsee. Like actually, you could JUST bring this and be fine for the whole trip. An image

Let’s get some shoes

If you’re looking for the best travel shoes, we’ve got you covered. First of all, a classic pair of white sneakers from Adidas is always a safe bet- they’ll go with every outfit you packed, and they’re great for running through the airport when you realize you’re SUPER late. If you want something a little more neutral, Puma has you covered with these gorgeous suede sneaks. And, for those of us who are comfort-first (but still want to look good), UGG has the greatest slides in the world. You won’t ever want to take them off, trust us. An image

Bon voyage!!! Tag us in your travel instas at #MeAndUNiDAYS!

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