Your fitness questions answered by Results With Lucy!

We had the gorgeous girls from Results With Lucy in the house at UNiDAYS HQ this week and we got them to answer some of your burning fitness questions that you sent to us on Snapchat!

Do you have any top tips for working glutes?

Add weights to your squats and lunges is Cecilia's top tip. Lucy's tip was to try different foot positions, for example, sumo wide squats and narrower squats. By changing things up you're more likely to feel a change!

How do you stay motivated?

Lucy loves to have two goals - short term i.e an event or a holiday and long term to simply look after your health! Cecilia says to remember why you started.

What are some healthier hangover foods?

Pitta pizzas, healthy kebabs, fajitas and full English breakfasts!

What's the best drink to have when you're out if you're trying to stay healthy?

Lucy always sticks to gin and tonic, vodka, soda and fresh lime and prosecco. Anything that's clear will definitely be better than sugary cocktails and bright coloured drinks.

What are the best food to eat before and after workouts?

Before is anything carby with slow releasing energy like bananas and oats! After, refuel yourself with protein and good fats like avocado and scrambled eggs.

What's your favourite ab workout?

It's not all about crunches girls! Try dynamic planks - these are Lucy's favourite for making her abs burn. Start in a normal plank and lift arms and legs as you go and try and do it for as long as possible.

A massive thanks to Lucy & Cecilia, you can check out the workout over on Facebook and don't forget that you can save 25% on their amazing Beach Body Plan from Results With Lucy!

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