UNiDAYS x Under Armour: Women in fitness winner

To celebrate all of the wonderful ladies killing it when it came to fitness we launched our Celebrating Women in Fitness campaign in association with Under Armour earlier this year! After receiving so many wonderful entries we can now reveal that the winner is Charlotte Hill! Find out all about Charlotte and her fitness journey:


• Age: 25 • University course: Law & Masters in Law and Business • Institution: University of Law

How you are inspiring women in fitness/sport?

I started really getting into fitness about 4 years ago and noticed that women in particular, including my friends, were very apprehensive to be in a gym for fear of standing out or looking stupid. Having gone through that initial 'imposter syndrome' myself I could really sympathize.

It wasn't until the beginning of this year that I was encouraged to put more of my workouts on social media and the response I had from women was amazing. Since then I have been involved in getting women feeling comfortable with fitness, speaking to girls about their training and goals, giving them workout ideas and meeting other like-minded women at fitness classes and wellness events.

I have also raised money for breast cancer research through charity races and encouraged other women to do the same, and am currently training for my first half-marathon in 3 weeks time for the cause. I believe getting women confident in themselves is the first step when looking at women in fitness and this is something I have really tried to advocate.

Why did you enter this competition?

Women in fitness is something I am really passionate about and I try to incorporate the movement into my day-to-day life. The competition was a perfect fit for my hobbies and Under Armour are a brand I wear a lot, they emulate empowerment which is a key message to women in fitness.

How you feel about winning?

I'm so happy to have won a campaign for something so close to my heart! I really can't believe it and will continue to incorporate the message of empowerment and confidence for women everywhere. I hope that this will motivate other women to get into fitness and to overcome any reservations they may have.

Check out Charlotte rocking her new Under Armour fitness gear!

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