The Protein Works releases vegan protein powder!

When we heard that The Protein Works had released a brand new vegan product onto the market we knew that we had to check it out and report back to you guys.

Protein keeps you full and helps your muscles develop so it's super important for your health. Obviously for vegan diet followers getting in protein can be the main thing that people ask you about and also, one of the most difficult things to make sure you're getting enough of. We trialled the new Chocolate Silk Vegan Extreme Protein Powder from The Protein Works and we've got some thoughts for you!

What is it?

This product is a blend of soy, faba bean and pea protein and is sweetened by Thaumatin. This is a low-calorie flavour modifier and sweetener and a natural protein which is physically extracted from the Katemfe Fruit, Thaumatococcus danielli which comes from West Africa. Every day's a school day, right?

What did we think?

We've decided to score this product on four separate aspects and we've given it a score out of 5!


We gave this shake a blendability score of 4 out of 5 because it was really quick to blend and didn't go lumpy at all after a quick shake. Visually, it looks like it's grainy but it's actually really smooth once it's been shaken. We tested this product in both types of shakers and we found that it blended well in both ball shakers and grill shakers but slightly better in a grill shaker. Ball shakers are great when you have clumps of whey protein but this protein powder doesn't clump at all so there's no need for the noisy ball.


In terms of taste, we gave this a 3 out of 5 as it's quite a subtle flavour. We tested the shake with both water and milk and we felt that with water it obviously had a thinner taste but milk masked a little bit of the flavour even if it was a better texture. We reckon this would be great with almond or coconut milk. It doesn't have an overpowering shake so if you're not into your protein powder being too overpowering this could be great for you. It would also be great to add to blended shakes with bananas and berries!

When mixed with water it has a subtle chocolate flavour, more like chocolate cake than actual chocolate

The health factor

We gave the Vegan Extreme Protein a wicked 4.5 out of 5 in terms of health benefits. This product is extremely low in sugar as it only has 0.1g per 30g, it does contain sweeteners as previously mentioned but it has around roughly 10% of the sugar of your average whey protein.

In terms of the protein content, it has 24g per 30g, around 72% protein. This is slightly lower than your average whey protein which is usually around 84% but this product is actually higher in protein than some other vegan protein powders on the market. For a vegan blend, they guys over at The Protein Works have really maximised the protein content of this product which is a massive thumbs up from us.

It also maximises the health content with a hefty serving of flaxseed and hemp for fibre and loads of Omega 3. Plus, per serving, there is 15% of your RDA of B12, which is difficult to get as much as you need if you're vegan as it's usually found in fish, meat and milk products. The only thing that knocked off a half point for this guy is the fact that it's not gluten free so therefore excludes some people's dietary requirements.

Value for money

We gave the Vegan Extreme Protein Powder a 2 out of 5 score for the price because this product is definitely more expensive than a lot of their competitor's products. But, we would say that you could save loads on vitamin supplements as it includes a hell of a lot of those already! Plus, this is definitely a premium product and the quality is obvious so we'd say it was probably worth the money due to the fact that it blends so well and has fantastic ingredients.

We hope this helped you guys and happy shaking!

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