Kayla Itsines: the interview

We caught up with fitness powerhouse Kayla Itsines to ask her some burning questions about working out and healthy eating because let's face it, those abs are amazing! Don't forget that you can grab an awesome 35% off Sweat With Kayla subscriptions using your UNiDAYS account.

Is it possible to get fit around a very busy lifestyle, without sacrificing sleep? If so, how?

I definitely think it can be possible! I think making the most of the time you do have to workout is really important. This is why I believe versatile workouts that you can do anywhere can be a perfect option if you’re on a busy schedule. The high-intensity resistance training workouts included in my Sweat With Kayla App are only 28 minutes, which is only 2% of your day! Many women find taking that time for themselves to workout can help them feel less stressed, as well as helping them sleep better.

Do you have ‘cheat meals’? If so, what’s your favourite thing to have as a treat?

I’m a big believer in being as realistic as possible when it comes to eating the foods we enjoy, so I think treating yourself to the foods you love every now and then is fine, in moderation of course! I personally don’t have a set day that I will have a cheat meal, but I do have a bit of a weakness for Tiramisu, so if I see it on the menu I’ll always have to get it!

Any advice for staying healthy on the go during the day when you might not have access to a kitchen?

This is where meal prepping can be really helpful! It’s great to get into the habit of packing a bag with healthy snacks and something simple for lunch (such as a salad with rice or a wrap). Preparing these meals the night before can help you avoid being rushed in the morning, and can reduce the temptation to buy convenience food during the day.

All time favourite workout move or sport?

I’m probably in the minority, but I absolutely love burpees! Haha, people always laugh at me when I say this. They help work a number of muscle groups, you can do them pretty much anywhere and there are so many variations you can use. I love adding a tuck-jump or push-up to increase the intensity of the move as well.

Who is your inspiration, be it body or business?

I draw my inspiration from the BBG Community. If you look at who I follow on Instagram, it’s mainly the girls who do my program! It’s such a wonderful group of women and together, we’ve become the biggest fitness community in the world. They really help motivate not only me, but the entire BBG Community each and every day.

What does your normal daily to-do list look like?

Generally, if I’m not travelling for work, I’m up early for breakfast (I’m a real morning person, I’m usually up at 5!). Then I head to my studio to train my clients here in Adelaide. The rest of the day is usually spent in meetings, and in the office or studio creating and working on content. I’m also online for the majority of the day, connecting with the BBG Community as well!

What do you like to do on your days off?

I don’t really have many days off, haha! I do try and take time out on a Sunday though, so I’ll normally take my dogs for a walk in the morning (which also counts as my low intensity, or LISS, session). In the afternoon, I’ll spend time with my parents, grandparents and Tobi. My family is so important to me, and I love seeing them as often as I can. Everyone needs relaxation time, your body is really good at telling you when you need a break. You just have to listen to it, it’s so important!

What did you want to be when you were a kid? Have you always been interested in health?

Growing up, I was always active and I played a lot of sport. I originally wanted to be a PE teacher! My passion for being active and for wanting to help people lead me to study personal training. I seriously feel so incredibly lucky to have been able to build a career doing something I’m so passionate about.

Thanks Kayla!

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