How to keep active around Christmas

It is hard over the Christmas period to stay reasonably healthy. Not only is there the temptation of eating all the Christmas food whilst it waits for the big day, but there is also the luxury of having someone else cook for you when you are home. How can you resist?

However, no one wants to waste their time back at home doing gruelling workouts that really do not shout 'Christmas spirit', especially when your family are cracking open another bottle of mulled wine. But, there are small things you can do to keep active around Christmas, plus, no one really has time to join a gym, right? Or be told that you can only have a small Christmas dinner, erm no.

1. Plan a Christmas walk

Whether it is the satisfying moment of crunching leaves or the pretty icy scenery, Christmas walks are a must every year during the festive period. What better way to embrace mother nature’s winter wonderland by planning a good route that will not only keep you active but is the perfect reason to get family and friends together!

2. Book A Trip

Calling all Wanderlusters! So, you’ve been home for not even a week and you are already missing the freedom of being at university. What better way to gain your independence back by organising a trip to a town that you have not visited before or even a short city break? Your expedition may not seem like a workout, but when you total up all the miles you’ve walked from one destination to another, you will be seriously impressed. This can guarantee to keep you active, and also great for seeing new sights and creating memories!

3. Visit a trampoline park

Trampoline parks are endless amounts of fun! What better way to get all your friends from home together? To top it off, most parks will offer a student rate as well. Be prepared to work up a sweat, and I would definitely advise wearing suitable clothing. Check out the current offer for 20% off of Adidas to find the perfect outfit!

4. Dance to festive songs

Sounds crazy right? However, it seems that a lot of time and effort has gone into researching how dancing around your room actually does burn quite a few calories. Therefore, it is time to download your favourite songs, and basically, hold your own concert in your bedroom. A bonus if you have Apple Music, as this will act as your own personal DJ when you either create your own playlist or choose one provided. You can get an Apple Music student membership for only £4.99 a month! Prepare to lip sync for your life to Mariah Carey’s ‘All I Want For Christmas Is You’.

5. Ice skating

It definitely begins to look like Christmas once you’ve spent one hour skating around with your friends or family, whilst Christmas music plays and festive fairy lights shine. Not only is it hilarious watching your loved ones fall over, it definitely counts as staying active!

6. Shop 'til you drop

This is one all of us want to hear. Especially since we’ve dragged ourselves around shopping centres pushing through crowds. Now it is worth it, right? It definitely has been proven that shopping works basically every muscle in the body. From holding multiple bags, running from shop to shop, and rummaging through clothes to find your size, and this is just for when you are treating yourself. Add this to your Christmas present shopping, and you are basically on your way to becoming a fitness pro!

7. Set a new year challenge

Why not throw yourself into 2017 by signing up to an event such as a 10K run, or for the braver, Tough Mudder. To prepare for such events requires a few training sessions to get yourself ready for the big day. So, what a great way to stay active by doing something that may be out your comfort zone, but also really fun at the same time. At the end, you will have achieved something amazing to start off the new year!

Keeping active over Christmas can be quite difficult, however, these activities can help you think of ideas to organise to keep you on the go. They also substitute for a perfect revision break allowing you to enjoy some festivities. Most are very cheap or even free, so there is no excuse to not give them a go!

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