7 surprising student sex statistics

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When it comes to sex, there is always so much we want to know. Am I normal? Am I doing this right? What is everyone else getting up to in the bedroom? Well, in celebration of Sexual Happiness Week, and thanks to our friends over at Lovehoney, we can satisfy our curiosity. They’ve found out some surprising sex stats and got people’s honest opinions on all things sex! So keep scrolling to find out what other students are getting up to!

1. A LOT OF students are using sex and masturbation to relieve exam stress

A whopping 60% of guys and nearly half of all ladies are turning to sex and masturbation as a way to relieve exam stress. That’s most of your class! It might not be the most conventional method but whatever works for you- go for it!

2. Women are having more sex than men

Despite the stereotypes about sex drives, we found that over a quarter of women were having sex more than once a week, compared to just a fifth of men.

3. Low body image is one of the biggest barriers to having regular sex

Aside from not having a sexual partner, the biggest reason most people gave for not having regular sex was low body image. In fact, 21% of men and 40% of women said their own body confidence was the biggest hindrance to their sex lives. This stat presents a pretty honest picture about how body image is affecting our sex lives. Is it something you can relate to?

We want you to feel at your best so if you’re looking to feel more empowered check out some Lovehoney expert tips on how to become more body- and bedroom-confident.

4. Intimacy with your partner is the thing students like most about sex

Above having an orgasm and having fun, the act of being intimate with your partner came out as the overwhelmingly top reason for what people like most about sex, which is probably the most sweet and reassuring fact you’ll see on this list! 6 out of 10 women and 5 out of 10 men agreed that intimacy was at the top of their sexual satisfaction list.

5. Only 14% of women and 48% of men orgasm every time during vaginal sex...

... but 44% of female students and 65.3% of male students orgasm every time they masturbate. So there’s no need to worry if you don’t always orgasm every time- it’s perfectly normal. But if you’re looking to up your sexual happiness, use your UNiDAYS discount at Lovehoney!

6. A third of female students own a bondage accessory

From handcuffs to blindfolds, 33.4% of female students own some type of bondage accessory, while only 9.9% of men do. In fact, in owning sex toys in general female students take a big lead with 43% owning one compared to only 18% of men. Yes, ladies!

7. Cock rings and bullet vibrators are the most popular student sex toys

Of the men and women who own a sex toy, the most commonly-owned toys were smaller items like bullet vibes - and the best part is, they're both ideal toys for using solo and with a partner!

So there you have it! Which one of these facts were you most surprised by? Oh and don’t forget if you’re looking for a boost in sexual happiness, you can get an exclusive 20% off on top of sale items at Lovehoney with your UNiDAYS discount.

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