6 nostalgic films to make you feel warm and fuzzy

Yes, Tiger King was great, but sometimes you just need a break from the craziness of this world and you just want something that’ll put a smile on your face. Well, look no further. We’ve gathered some of the most nostalgic films from NOW TV, Amazon Prime Video and Disney+ which you can get great offers with on UNiDAYS.

1. Mean Girls (Now TV)

Step into the early 2000’s with this classic teen film that never goes out of style. Chances are you discovered this film through the sassy one-liners plastered across insta, hello ‘you can’t sit with us’, or you have a sibling who MADE you watch this as a rite of passage. Whatever the reason, step back into a time when glossy lipgloss, charm bracelets and wearing pink on a Wednesday was all the rage.

2. The High School Musical Trilogy (Disney+)

It’s time to get your head in the game and take a trip to East High. This film has everything you could ever want. Catchy musical numbers, check. Cute, clean cut Disney cast, check. Dubious plot line, check. Admit it, you knew every single word to the songs and it’ll all come flooding back as soon as you press play!

3. Despicable Me (Now TV)

Remember when minions where EVERYWHERE?! For a few straight years everyone was obsessed with them and after rewatching this classic, it’s not hard to see why we fell in love with these dopey but adorable creatures. Add in Steve Carrell at his best as Gru and you’ve got everything you need. Relive your childhood fave ASAP!

4. She’s the Man (Prime Video)

There once was a time when Amanda Bynes was not just known for writing crazy tweets and Channing Tatum was more than Magic Mike. This classic teen movie, which is a re-writing of Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night (yes this film is educational too ya know) is the kind of film they just don’t make anymore. So why not relive this, what can only be described as, piece of ART.

5. The Harry Potter series (Now TV)

It doesn’t matter what age you discovered Harry Potter, there is something about these films which make you feel like a child again. Whether it’s being in awe of the wizarding world or developing strong hate for the likes of Umbridge, this film series will have you bringing up all kinds of emotion. The best part is all the films are on Now TV so you can create a full movie marathon out of it.

6. The Princess Diaries (Disney+)

This classic story of high school Mia Thermopolis finding out she is a real life Princess, is one that will never get old. It’s a story about friendship, family and accepting who you are and if that doesn’t make you feel warm and fuzzy, I don’t know what will. Get watching!

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