6 festive things to watch on Netflix

The Christmas Prince

This is THE Christmas romance film you need to watch this year. OK, we know it’s no The Holiday or Love Actually but this movie is a mix between Princess Diaries and The Prince and Me set at Christmas…seriously, what more could you want? If you’re looking for cheese on cheese on cheese this Crimbo, this is the one for you.

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Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without a classic British comedy to watch whilst downing an entire box of quality streets. Watch bumbling primary school teacher, played by Martin Freeman aka Dr Watson, tangle himself up in a web of lies. It’s fair to say chaos ensues which makes for excellent viewing.

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Jingle all the way

Arnold Schwarzenegger in a Christmas film. I could stop there tbh. This heart-warming film about a father trying to get an action figure for his son before Christmas will have you feeling all the feels and of course, some great/questionable acting from Arnie.

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Miracle on 34th Street

Does it get more Christmassy than this? Nothing will get you feeling more warm and fuzzy than this classic. There’s no need to flick through all the channels scouting for this to come on when Netflix have us sorted!

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Arthur Christmas

This action-packed animation is slowly but surely becoming a Christmas favourite! The story centres around the youngest son of Santa, Arthur, on his quest to deliver a present to a child after he is missed out! If you’re not hooked by that alone, listen out for the voices of an all-star cast from James McAvoy as Arthur himself, to Bill Nighy as Grandsanta.

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Stranger Things

So, yeah, this has nothing to do with Christmas but if you haven’t binged watched it all yet, Christmas is the perfect time. If you have, watch again. Throw mum and dad into the mix for some family viewing.

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