5 ways to shake up your protein intake

If you’re a guy (or a gal) who’s taking their fitness seriously then protein intake might be something that’s on your mind.

I won’t bore you with the science but if you do want to learn more about training and diet then go ahead and check out my boy Jarrod. He posts awesome workouts, food inspo and just so happens to be a contributor for UNiDAYS too!

Now, I don’t know about you but I’m not a massive fan of protein shakes. I’ve eaten my fair share of protein bars too so I’m all about trying to find new ways to shake up my protein intake. I’ve chosen 5 of my favourite foods and tips to help you guys get all the gainz whilst losing none of the flavour.

1. Get the Beltsander out

OK so at first glance this might sound like a drastic weight loss technique but bare with me. The Beltsander is a dude that follows the flexible dieting protocol and creates awesome high protein meals. He’s onto the third volume of his recipe books but you can get the recipe for these protein cookies featured here completely free from his website.

2. Instagram-worthy proats

Proats for those not in the know is short for protein oats, imagine that! Proats are a go-to for preworkouts, prebed, actually just about whenever you need an uber comforting treat. To make proats, simply add your favourite flavoured protein before or after cooking your oats and then top with your favourite little treats. These nutella, mini egg and Kinder hippo proats are all kinds of proats goals.

3. Grab a slice

I’ve yet to meet anyone that doesn’t like pizza and if I did, I’m not sure I could trust them. Unfortunately a take out pizza, with the side of fries and garlic bread every week is highly unlikely to help us reach our body goals. Fortunately for us, MuscleFood have created these epic protein feasts. An entire one of these light chicken tikka pizzas has just 380 calories and a huge 33g of protein.

4. Cake in less than a minute

I love chocolate cake, in fact, I think I could eat a whole one in a sitting, Bruce Bogtrotter ain’t got shit on me. But, I know I can’t eat it all the time and that’s where these tasty little mug cakes come in. Ready in less than a minute, all you need is a scoop of the cake mix, a little bit of milk and you’ve got a high protein cakey treat coming your way.

5. Eat out (but flexibly)

I’ve mentioned flexible dieting a few times in this article. It’s basically the act of allowing yourself occasional treats that hit your macros but allow you to build a diet around real life and foods you like. Nothing is off limits but it doesn’t give you a pass to stuff your face either. You can still hit your macros when eating out too. Lots of restaurants provide the nutritional info for their food which makes it even easier. These epic burgers from Bill’s contain up to 45g of meaty protein!

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