5 ways to keep fit on holiday

You've made it! It's bikini time. You've worked really hard to get in shape for the summer and it's time to lie on that beach and reap the rewards. You look awesome. But, you don't want to undo all of your hard work whilst on holiday, right? Sure, it's time to relax and there'll be no counting out almonds or weighing protein shakes on vacay but you can follow these five tips to help you stick on track for the majority of your time away!

1. Eat fresh

Take advantage of all the amazing local fresh fruit and veg that'll be available at all the cafes and restaurant. Breakfast wise, don't head straight to the badly cooked Full English fry-up, you can get that at home. Indulge in gorgeous fresh fruit salad and yoghurt if you need a sweet hit and stock up on scrambled eggs, cheeses and continental meats to keep hitting your protein goal! ‌

2. Keep going!

When you sign up to Results With Lucy's new Beach Body plan you receive a Summer Eating Out Guide and a Holiday Workout Plan alongside your 4 week plan. Don't fall off your exercise plan just because you're away. There's always a way to work out! Let Lucy and Cecilia provide you with eight quick workouts that you can easily do in your hotel room before you head out for a day of basking in the sun.

3. Meal plan

If you're going half board or even self-catering it will be so much easier to keep on the healthy wagon over your break. But, even if you're at an all inclusive you can control what you're eating. You will receive a free Beach Body Menu Planner with RWL so utilise this for your breakfast and lunches whilst on holiday and relax things in the evening if you go out. This way those tasty holiday dinners and cocktails won't make such a dent if you're staying healthy for most of your day. The Beach Body plans also come with shopping lists and snack guides so even if you're completely clueless to start with, you'll be a total pro by the end! ‌

4. Get out & about

Even if you don't hit the gym everyday, and this is totally OK - you are on holiday make sure you're still being active. Swim, run, walk and explore your way around your resort or location, you'll feel so much better if you stay active than if you stay in the prone position for a week. It'll be easier to get back into the swing of things once you're home again too.

5. The 80/20 rule

This is the rule I stick to generally anyway, not just on holiday, but it's a great one to make sure you have balance. You can maybe relax it to 70/30 whilst on holiday because it should be a break and you shouldn't be worrying about your diet and stressing yourself out, that's for sure. Eat clean and fresh for 70-80% of the time, drink plenty of water and then for the remaining 20-30% of the time indulge in those ice creams and holiday cocktails and enjoy it! LUCY-PERKTILE

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