5 tips for giving your skin some TLC

It happens to us all; you wake up in the morning, take a look in the mirror and think that you’ve been attacked by chicken pox, when in fact it’s just a fresh batch of spots and pimples. Yay! Bad skin days just make you feel ugh. As an acne sufferer myself I have done my research and come up with 5 awesome tips and tricks to get your skin back to it’s glowing self.

1. Wash, wash, wash

It sounds obvious, but making sure that you wash your face is absolutely essential for clearing up your skin. It will help to remove any build up or bacteria from the day or night and will leave you feeling rejuvenated. Be sure to always start a cleanse with warm water and then end with cold - the warm water will open your pores allowing you to get inside and remove the bad stuff, and then the cold water closes them back up. You should only wash your face twice a day as excessive washing can cause dryness, leading to increased oil production! ‌

2. Clay masks

Clay masks are excellent for giving your skin a visible boost. Applying the face mask and leaving it to set is ultra therapeutic (so you can have a mini pamper at the same time) but then the best part about it has to be washing the clay off. You can literally feel the impurities coming away from your skin - gross but strangely satisfying. Try it for yourself.

3. Eat clean

Eating clean is something I’ve found to be miraculous when it comes to clearing up my acne. When I go through periods of eating all things bad (chocolate, sweets, cake) I notice my skin is loads more oily and spotty. So, by incorporating a little bit more fresh food into your diet, you should notice a much brighter, spot-free complexion. Just thank all those minerals and vitamins.

4. See a doctor

Seeing a doctor is one of the best ways to assess how bad your skin is. If you have acne the doctor will either give you some creams, ointments or tablets, or if you don’t have acne the doctor will be able to help pinpoint what’s causing it, hopefully finding suitable remedies. It’s super easy and probably the most effective way.

5. Drink water

Doctors advise that we drink between 2 and 2.5 litres of water a day, so hand’s up, who actually does this? Thought not. It can be pretty tough to drink this much water throughout the day, but when you realise how it can benefit your skin you may feel much more motivated to do so. Hats off to the H2o! ‌

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