5 summer sports to take up

With an exciting summer of the Olympics and Wimbledon ahead, it’s all about sport! If you don’t really see yourself as the sporty kind or you’re just lacking in ideas, then you’re in the right place. Here are 5 sports you should consider taking up this summer.

1. Swimming

Swimming is the perfect sport to take up this summer if you’re after doing something quite easy-going. If you’re not swimming competitively, it can actually be very relaxing. Not to mention the fact that you can keep cool out of the sun!

2. Tennis

I couldn’t do a summer sports post around Wimbledon and not include tennis, could I? Tennis has a load of benefits like lowering body fat, speeding up reaction times and increasing muscle tone. Plus, using your UNiDAYS discount you can save 15% on all the tennis gear at Adidas, so you can serve in style! Article_SummerSports Uncontrol Climachill Skort / Tennis Headband /  Uncontrol Climachill Polo Shirt / Barricade Climachill Shorts

3. Cycling

Going on a bike ride on a summer's day is such good exercise. Not only can you admire the scenery, but you can also work on your cardiovascular fitness at the same time. And, cycling can help to lower stress too. Hello, stress-free summer!

4. Running

Running can be such a fulfilling sport to participate in. Whether you want to run alone or in a group, it’s definitely something to consider. Here’s what our resident fitness-guru Allie said: [blockquote quote="As much as I say I don’t like running, when I’ve finished a run I always feel great, there’s a massive sense of achievement!" name="Allie]‌

5. Rounders

If you don’t understand the rules of baseball, then rounders is your failsafe option. The rules are super easy to pick up (you basically have to hit a ball as far as you can and run around bases as fast as you can!). It's super active and it’s also a great way of getting together with a group of your friends.Adidas_UK_15-Blog-Perk

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