5 foods for a natural detox

Forget hyped-up 'tea-toxes' and unsustainable juice diets, the best way to get back on the healthy track after the Christmas binge is just to lessen your sugar, caffeine and saturated fat intake and drink more water. This won't be difficult when everyone you know is on a January diet and there's no turkey left. Plus, eating some of these uber-healthy foods will be much better than multiple plates of pigs in blankets and gravy (even though they are delicious). These are only 5 of the hundreds of healthy and delicious foods that you can add to your diet but these are easy to fit into your normal (post-Christmas!) diet.

1. Lemon

You've heard it all before, but it's true! Adding a slice of lemon into your water not only makes it tastier and more interesting but it's packed full of Vitamin C and alkalises the body which helps with digestion. Try swapping your morning cup of tea of coffee for a hot water and lemon for a week and see how you feel. Another plus point for lemon water over tea and coffee is your teeth won't get as stained. Bonus!

2. Watercress and fennel

Forget salads with just boring old iceberg lettuce, this may not have many calories in it but it's pretty much only water and doesn't pack much of a nutritional punch. Add some peppery watercress to your lunch time salad because it helps to energise cleansing enzymes in the liver and keeps free radicals away from your cells. Plus, it's more interesting than iceberg! Adding some fennel in there brings in some anti-inflammatory powers and loads of Vitamin C!

3. Kale

The original detoxifying superfood, right? All dark green veggies are awesome for you but kale is a great source of glutathione which is essential for detoxing your liver. Great if you've had one too many glasses of Bucks Fizz over Christmas. Add it to soups, stews and casseroles and you won't even notice you're eating extra greens!

4. Onion and garlic

The basis to any amazing dinner, in my opinion. You should start pretty much any chilli, pasta dish, stew, casserole or soup with onions and garlic. As well as being delicious they contain flavonoids that stimulate the production of glutathione, similar to kale, one of the liver's strongest antioxidants. So, our favourite onion and garlic have powerful anti-bacterial and immune system boosting properties!

5. Fresh fruit and berries

Probably not something that you've seen a lot of over the Christmas period, apart from in your cranberry sauce but it's time to up your fresh fruit consumption! Fruit is packed full of antioxidants, fibre, Vitamin C and so much more. Pile it on your cereal, add it to yoghurt, blitz it up in a smoothie or just snack on it. Fruit is good!

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