5 essentials for gym beginners

1. Gym-worthy leggings

Getting a great fitting and comfortable pair of leggings is key for getting sweaty at the gym. Keep it simple and stylish with a pair of Nike Running Dri-Fit Power Essential Leggings, these are perfect for keeping your cool! Want to experiment with fun colours and prints at the gym? Ivy Park also has a range of practical and flattering leggings like these Floral Mesh Low Rise Legging from Topshop. Remember, when buying your leggings, check that they aren’t see through - there's nothing worse than transparent leggings on leg day. Do the squat test!

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2. Protein powder

Protein powder is every muscle's best friend! Protein powder ensures your muscles receive enough energy to get the most from your workouts. My favourite protein powder is the Impact Whey Protein from Myprotein from Myprotein. They have over 50 amazing flavours including Chocolate Brownie and Blueberry Cheesecake. Try the Cookies and Cream one - you’ll thank me I promise!. Myprotein discount either.

3. Motivating music

Everybody needs that little extra boost from time to time when it comes to working out. Whether you're trying to push through your last 5 minutes of cardio or your final set of squats, having a great playlist is vital. My current favourite playlists on Spotify are...

Gym Rap Motivation

Gym Hits

4. Mini bands

These little loops may not look like much, but these things kill! Power bands or resistance loops are inexpensive, simple to use and easy to tuck into your gym bag. They help to add resistance to basic workouts, making it that bit harder and helping you to tone muscle. There are so many ways to use these bands but here are two of my favourite leg workouts...


The easiest way to use bands and to help build your booty is to put one around your legs, resting above your knees. Lower yourself into a squat and step 4 steps to the right followed by 4 to the left. Repeat this 5 times on each side, ensuring that you remain low in your squat with your back kept straight.


Another exercise which targets your glutes and hamstrings is kickbacks. Work with the loop around your ankles, make sure your back is straight and extend one leg back pushing against the band. You can also hold onto the wall for balance! Complete 20 reps on each leg for 3 sets to feel the burn!

5. Supportive trainers

I would 100% tell to anyone starting their personal fitness journey to invest in a pair of supportive trainers. Choosing a well fitted and suitable workout shoe can prevent injuries and lessen the impact of working out, whilst also helping to improve performance. These Air Max Thea from ASOS have great heel support but are also great for those sports-luxe style days!

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