4 tips for uni eye care

Eye care is really important, it may seem like something your mum always used to sort out for you when you were at home but, now you're at university and it's time to sort things out for yourself!

1. Find an optician

There could be one on campus or you might have to venture into your nearest town but it's a great idea to get registered where you'll be living for the majority of the year. Plus, they usually won't be able to help you in an emergency if you're not registered so it's better to be safe rather than sorry!

2. Stock up!

If you already buy your contact lenses online it could be a good idea to stock up before you head off to uni on contact lenses, cases and solution so you have one less thing to worry about when you're away from home.

3. How to read your prescription (RX)

So, you've had your eye test and you need to get yourself some new contact lenses or glasses because your eye sight has changed but what does all that stuff on your prescription mean? If you're planning to get your contact lenses or glasses online then you'll need to read it yourself.

Fun Fact! Your right eye will be down as the OD or oculus dexter which is Latin for right eye and your left eye will be OS or oculus sinister, which, you guessed it, is Latin for left eye! If you have the same prescription for both eyes then you will see OU which means ocular uniter or 'both eyes'.

4. Be clean

Seriously, a university is one of the best places for germs. And, by best, we mean the total worst. You don't know who else is going to be living in your apartment and they could be not very good at washing their hands or being generally hygienic (or even if you're still living at home germs can fester in bathrooms). It's best to protect yourself by keeping your eye care products in a safe place that you know is clean and not in a shared bathroom. Also, make sure that you change your contact lens solution every day if you wear monthly lenses and always use an antibacterial hand gel or wash your hands before touching your eyes or your contact lenses.

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