4 reasons to ride to uni this year

Welcome to 2017. It’s time to start a fresh, draw a line under last year’s downs and rethink your approach to uni life. We all want to work towards new goals for the year. To drink less, get up earlier or to be less grouchy with your housemates. All achievable goals. But in reality, they’re all variations of last year’s list.

Start 2017 with a fresh new target — Join the community of students dodging the bus fare, arriving at lectures feeling awake and generally feeling fit and healthy. That’s right, I'm talking about cycling.

Don’t think you can afford a new fixie bike? We’ve got you covered. Using your UNiDAYS discount you can enjoy 10% off the entire Mango Bikes range. Giving control back to the customer, Mango Bikes are the custom bike brand for awesome people. Founded by two uni housemates, Ben and Jezz, Mango Bikes are looking to make cycling more accessible for students and the masses. Not convinced yet?

Mango Bikes

1. Say goodbye to your bus pass

Mango Bikes start from as little as £199. That’s cheaper than any annual bus pass.

2. Exercise and fresh air

Riding your bike is a great feeling. Explore your campus and take in that fresh air. Good for a hangover as well!

Mango Bikes

3. Outside is free

Ride around town, ride along the prom or ride to uni, but whatever you do, RIDE!

4. Never queue for the bus again!

Ride around to your heart's content. No one is stopping you. Visit mangobikes.com to view the range and customise your ride

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