Tasty Bonfire Night treats

I always think that Bonfire Night really feels like the proper start of winter; feeling all cosy in a big jumper as you watch the fireworks and try to write your name using a sparkler like 5 year old (admit it, we all do it). And, what better time to prepare some really tasty comfort food! Article_Size_BonfireNightTreats_Savoury If you fancy something savoury then how about rustling up some homemade tomato soup or a spicy jacket potato? If you're going for more of a classic BBQ/campfire vibe then how about hot dogs or pulled pork sandwiches? And nothing says classic comfort food quite like meat pies and toad in the hole! Article_Size_BonfireNightTreats_Sweet If you have a serious sweet tooth (like me) then get your bake on and give these a moreish recipes a try. These salted caramel mocha brownies look seriously yummy and how cute are these bonfire cupcakes?! Cinnamon and toffee are both classic bonfire night flavours and you'll love these easy baked donuts or this toffee apple tray bake. And if you're not that into baking then a classic toffee apple with a twist might be more your thing. Or if you want to try something very American on this very British celebration then give these s'mores a go!

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