Celebrating the Dough Ball hunt: 6 reasons they are better than a BF/GF

This post is brought to you by PizzaExpress

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For the whole month of September, there will be 50 Golden Dough Balls hidden around London, Manchester, Liverpool and Glasgow each worth £1,000. Talk about giving! Make sure you check out all the details about the hunt and follow PizzaExpress on insta or facebook for clues about where the Golden Dough balls are hiding!

Can you believe it? PizzaExpress’s iconic Dough Balls are turning 50! We got thinking about this momentous occasion and we started to realise how much we truly love these doughy pieces of heaven. So, if you’ve had enough of hot girl summer or you’re just not satisfied with how your Hinge profile is performing, do not worry because here’s all the reasons Dough Balls are way better than having a significant other.

1. They make you feel warm and fuzzy

It might be time to face it; summer is over. You’re probably already back at uni and it’s already getting dark at around the 7pm mark, and when the temperature starts to drop in the coming months, you’ll want something to make you feel all warm and good inside. There’s nothing like a hot, doughy treat slathered in garlic butter to get you in your feelings.


2. Dough Balls give back

There’s nothing worse than being in a one-sided relationship, where it’s all a bit selfish. Well, you don’t have to worry about that when it comes to Dough Balls. Make sure you join the hunt to be in with the chance of £1,000.


3. You can share your Dough Balls

Unlike a BF or GF Dough Balls are made for sharing. Look, monogamy isn’t for everyone and when it comes to Dough Balls you don’t have to feel guilty and you certainly won’t be judged for sharing.


4. They’re always there to comfort you

Unlike a romantic partner, when you’re not feeling your best you can get exactly what you need in minutes. No waiting around for someone to reply, just walk into a PizzaExpress and get ready for those comforting carbs.


5. You’re never disappointed

Forget unanswered calls and being ghosted because your relationship with Dough Balls will never be disappointing. Want that garlic buttery goodness? That piping hot doughiness is guaranteed every time.


6. They ain’t going anywhere

No breakups necessary. Dough Balls have been around for 50 years and aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. What’s better than that?


Don’t forget to join the hunt and celebrate by ordering a bottle of prosecco next time you’re in PizzaExpress to enjoy bottomless Dough Balls.

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