8 reasons why pasta is life

This post is brought to you by ASK Italian.

Within the first few days of going to uni, it becomes plainly clear that pasta will be the main source of food for the next 3 to 4 years. And what a food it is!

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1. You can mix it up every time

Pasta is sooo versatile. Penne? Spaghetti? Tortelloni? Pasta won’t tie you down - nuh uh. Then there’s sauce types. And don’t even get me started on toppings. There’s so many different pasta combos that you won’t achieve all of them in your lifetime, but that doesn’t mean you can’t try!

2. It’s comforting

It’s the ultimate comfort food. After a long day at the library (or a bit of a hangover), pasta’s there for you… And whatever the day has thrown at you there’s nothing better at the end of it than a warm bowl of pasta to make you feel like you’re getting a giant hug!

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3. It actually fills you up

There’s nothing worse than not feeling satisfied after a meal… And on this, the carby delight of pasta will never let you down.

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4. It looks good on the gram

Ok so this isn’t the main reason we love pasta, but it sure helps! Whether you’re an aerial shot food 'grammer, candid cutie or simply love snapping all your meals, pasta is a thing of beauty and you can't deny it.

5. It’s cheaaaap

Let’s face it, most of your student loan is going on food. So, if the best food also happens to be cheap you can cook up a storm for friends without a worry in the world. And as for eating out? Well with up to 40% off at ASK Italianthat’s cheap too… and they’ve got a whole lotta pasta to choose from!

6. It’s easy to share

It’s fuss-free. Grab a fork and dig in.

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7. It involves cheese

Cheese is the pièce de résistance of all meals and we just love the fact that you can get a whole lotta cheese onto one plate of pasta!

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8. It’s good for your soul

Ok so this one might not be scientifically accurate but it doesn’t make it less true! I’ve never eaten a bowl of pasta and felt worse and if you say you have I don’t believe you.

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