You're BACON me crazy: 6 ways to celebrate National Bacon Day

Bacon the day off

Alright, that last pun wasn't great but hey... it's National Bacon Day. Why are you still on the computer? Fire up the stove and crisp you up some nice bacon. If making bacon (say it out loud lol) isn't really your thing, then here are 5 ways that don't include a stove (and one that does) to celebrate right.

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1. Bacon waffle maker

Bacons and waffles separately are delicious. Together, they're basically a dream team. SO, hear me out! With a bacon waffle maker you can have both AT THE SAME TIME. This pretty much gets rid of any mess and while Ron Swanson wouldn't like it at first, Leslie could get him to come around.

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2. Oversized bacon t-shirt

A cute oversized t-shirt from ASOS is a great way to show your love for bacon on the daily. Dress it up or dress it down, you'll have any Ron Swanson's in your life wondering where you got it.

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3. Phone case

You're gonna use your phone on the daily, why not dress it up a bit with some googly eyed breakfast food. It'll have everyone asking you to give all the bacon and eggs you have.

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4. Bacon recipe book

There's only one way to cook bacon... WRONG. With the bacon recipe book from ASOS, you can go beyond just the typical bacon breakfast fare.

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5. Bacon socks

With fall coming up, you need some cozy socks. What's better than waking up with breakfast already made? Having breakfast on your feet due to Typo socks.

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6. Actual bacon

If after all this you've gotten ridiculously hungry, it's probably time to get you some actual bacon. You can get $20 off every Butcher Box which is a curated box full of meats. The best part is... you can get a free pack of bacon with your first box.

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