So you're going to Pride this year? Here's what to wear

Be Proud to Wear You

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The gayest time of the year has arrived! June is the month that LGBTQA folks and their Straight Allies take to the streets to celebrate all over the world. It can be a really fun and exciting time, but it can also be kind of overwhelming. Dressing for it can be equally overwhelming. It’s important to not be afraid of color or wearing something outrageous but also make sure you’re comfortable and confident. I’ve gone through some of our partners' current shoppable products and found some great items to wear or ways to accent your outfit, so you look as gay as you feel.

Levi’s Pride Collection

One of our top brands and still the best place to buy denim in the US, has teamed up with The Harvey Milk Foundation and the Stonewall Community Foundation on this collection of pride clothing. 100% of the proceeds go to those foundations, which puts Levi’s high in the running to get my money this year. I’m loving the accessories the most, rainbow banded underwear, a bandana with a rainbow logo, and pride flag pin are easier ways to add some color The denim cut-offs are actually really cool too. Cutoffs are pretty much part of the pride uniform, and while it’s cooler when you’ve done the cutting and embellishing, these are really nice and the money’s going to a great place.

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Urban Outfitters Happy Pride Collection

Urban also did a very cool collaboration, partnering with Hip-Hop artist Taylor Bennett to create T-shirts, hats, and a very cool tapestry with all proceeds going to GLSEN, a national organization supporting LGBTQ youth in schools. My favorite part of this is the tapestry, which I wouldn’t be surprised to see someone carrying or wearing over their shoulders at NY Pride later this month.

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ASOS Rainbow Everything

Our friends at ASOS aren’t doing anything special, but they always have a ton of awesome things in rainbow tones anyway. I love the rainbow Vans and if I had any desire to start my career in drag I’d probably start with the maxi dress.

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Ray-Ban Rainbow Tinted Sunglasses

I know this is a bit of a splurge, but Ray-Bans with a Rainbow tint are the coolest things I've seen all year. Obviously for those among us that can hold onto sunglasses for longer than a month, still a great way to accent your look for Pride.

BooHoo Sequined Backpack

Shine bright like the day deserves with this great small-ish backpack covered in rainbow sequins. Wearing a backpack to something like this is always the smartest decision, keeps your hands open and available for dancing and drinking

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Betabrand Rainbow Dress

Want to gay up your office internship this month? Betabrand sells a stretchy knit rainbow dress that’s a lot subtler than anything else I’ve chosen but maybe a little more formal than what anyone would be wearing to Pride. The cool thing is it’s reversible into a purple color and can be worn backwards for a high neck, giving you 4 dresses in one.

Or just dress like The Babadook

As you may or may not know, The Babadook is the queer icon for 2017. You may be asking yourself “But Andrew, how is the demonic manifestation of grief and mental illness from a 3 year old movie the new posterchild for worldwide LGBTQ Pride?” and to that I say ¯_(ツ)_/¯. Anyway, all this Baba-look requires is a top hat, androgynous black layers, and extra long pointed nails. So all things you should have already.

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