Aerie's guide to the 2019 swimwear trends

One piece or two?

New year, new suits. Since the one-piece came back in style, the bathing suit style game has been completely changed, Now there are tons of new options for when you want to hit the beach in style, whether you're more of a one-piecer or a two-piecer.

Here are some trends you should know about this summer, and our favorite looks from Aerie's summer collection. Right now, two lucky app members can enter to win a $50 or $150 gift card to Aerie!

Longline bikinis

Bikinis are providing more coverage (and seemingly more support) this year, and my chest is very grateful. The longline bikini look is so classic and flattering, and great for those of us who aren't as comfortable in the classic bikini. We're also obsessed with all the different colors and patterns Aerie has!

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The crochet trend is huge this spring and summer, and it's spreading to the swimwear world. Serve your best '70s lewks by adding a crochet bathing suit, available in one- and two-pieces.

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High necklines

I'm in love with the high neckline look, but I'd use caution before laying out to tan while wearing one of these! It's such a fun way to mix things up and breathe some life into your bathing suit collection. I'd like one in every single color and pattern, pls.

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Tie-front bikinis

A fun way to make your regular bikini a bit more fun is to add a bow to it! This year Aerie is adding a little ~razzle dazzle~ to their bikinis with the addition of bows in front. But don't worry, they won't come untied!

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Scoop necks

It's like a sports bra for the beach! If you're looking for a bathing suit top that's supportive, comfy, AND cute, this is the way to go. There are so many different colors and patterns to choose from, and you can even mix and match your tops and bottoms to change it up a but.

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Longline bandeaus

OBSESSED with this. The bandeau look has been brought to a whole new level this summer, and we're absolutely here for it. I love the look of pairing a long-line bandeau with some high-waisted bottoms to create a pseudo-one-piece look.

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High-waisted bottoms

I've always been very much in favor of high waisted bottoms, so I'm super glad they're not going anywhere just yet. They go great with regular bikini tops OR longline tops. Plus, I'm alwayssss down for some 1950s bathing suit inspo.

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Whether you're actually sporty or you just want to give off the APPEARANCE that you're sporty, you'll be glad to know that racerbacks are super in (@ Lady Gaga's Grammy dress!!!!). It's a great way to have an open back while also feeling supported (and not too exposed!).

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Side cutouts

Aerie's side cutout one pieces are the coolest because they look like a two piece from the back. We're SO here for optical illusions, especially when they're this cute.

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Low backs

Business in the front, party in the back. It's all about balancing out the distribution of skin visibility with these bathing suits. We think the juxtaposition of the modest front and fun back is so neat (please don't hate me for using the word "juxtaposition" to describe a bathing suit).

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