6 Under Armour pieces that'll take you from class to the gym

From physics to physical

We all love athletic wear, and although we often wear it when not going to the gym, there are times when we are dedicated to actually going and breaking a sweat.

In order to make sure you follow through with those plans, stock up on some clothes that will look great in class so you don’t have to go back to your room to change, and be tempted by your bed. Here are our athleisure recommendations.

1. Patterned biker Shorts

An image Img source Biker shorts are THE trend right now. Wear these shorts to study your butt off in class and then cycle it off in the gym.

2. A bright windbreaker

An image Img source It’s finally spring time... and while that USUALLY means warm weather, it can sometimes be unpredictable. This jacket will help keep you warm as you walk to class and the gym.

3. Crew necks all day

An image Img source This sweatshirt isn’t only perfect for working out, but it's also cuter than most of the non-workout clothes I own.

4. A cropped sweatshirt

An image Img source Cropped sweatshirts are another huge thing right now. With this one, you’ll look great and won't be a sweaty mess.

5. Statement leggings

An image Img source They're a great great color, they unzip at the ankle, and we already know they'll look great on you. So...what’s stopping you?

6. Sleek sweatpants

An image Img source Everyone needs a pair of black sweatpants, and these are the perfect pair to get!

With any of these pieces you will look great and be ready to break a sweat at any time!

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