5 things you should splurge on from MAC with their 25% discount

We want makeup, and we want it now!

Well okay, then we'll give you an extra 25% off your MAC purchases with this limited time discount. Since everything is now basically on sale, splurge on that one thing you've had on your wish list forever. If you don't have a wish list, don't worry, we've made one for you.

1. A nude lipstick set

This set of lipsticks will let you keep a natural look about yourself but will have you feeling like your Lil Mama and so in love with your lipgloss that is poppin.

An image img source

2. A prep and primer lotion

This lotion will be the one step you need to make your skin look flawless. Why use something to prep your skin and then prime it when this product works great at both!

An image img source

3. Mascara

This highly rated and waterproof mascara will have your lashes so thick you will blow people away.

An image img source

4. Foundation

You're getting tanner and that winter colored foundation won't be able to work much longer. Grab some long lasting foundation with SPF included!

An image img source

5. A lip stain

This stain will keep your lips looking as red and perfect as if it's been tattooed on. No more under the lip lines after eating or drinking!

An image img source

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