5 reasons to shop UGG that won't make you say "ugh"

Having grown up in New England, two things symbolize the official start to fall for me: the return of the PSL, and the re-emergence of UGG boots on every foot in sight. I’m here to teach you how to be a proper UGG owner, and to give you some ideas on what to buy with your 10% UNiDAYS discount at UGG!

1. Two words: Weather. Proof.

UGGs are a high quality product; as such, they require (and deserve) high quality care. At the beginning of every season, I suggest spraying some product on to protect from the rain, the snow, the sleet, and the occasional (...or frequent…) spilled latte. The good news is, it’s easy to take care of your boots! You can pick up weatherproofing spray at most outdoor and shoe stores, but if you want to be #loyal, Ugg makes their own special Stain and Water Repellant for only $10!

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2. Step out of your comfort zone!!!

When someone says “UGG,” lots of people automatically think of their Classic boot. While these are always a cozy choice, I don’t think we give UGG enough credit for their stylish catalog. From heeled ankle boots, to gorgeous riding boots, to classic wellies, UGG has you covered for whatever fall aesthetic you’re going for.

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3. Fur the record...

Want the softness of UGG to infiltrate every part of your life? Well good news! UGG wants to soften up your world. Their Home line includes everything from plush bath towels, to silky soft throw blankets, to cozy knit pillows. You’ll never have to worry about having a rough day again. Bonus: if you haven’t checked out their line of accessories and apparel already, you’re missing out. Jackets, and purses, and ear muffs, oh my!

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4. Keep. It. Consistent.

Ok...I know this is TOTALLY a personal pet peeve….but I’ve gotta say it. With the huge selection of stylish shoes UGG produces (AND the 10% discount on UGGs you get as a UNiDAYS member), there is hardly an excuse to pair the Classic boot with a nice outfit. We’ve all seen that outfit: a nice fall dress, a denim jacket…...and big furry boots. Now, we’ve all slipped out of our heels and into our trusty UGGs at the end of a nice evening out, but please, for the love of all things suede and furry, don’t go to class dressed like it’s an after prom party! The classic UGG is perfect for a jeans and big cozy sweater day. For a nicer outfit, especially with a dress, might I recommend the Kasen boot? All of the cozy fur, but a much more consistent choice for your cute fall outfit! After all, the Queen selects specific tiaras to compliment her outfits; why not do the same for your feet?

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5. Not just your girlfriend’s boots!

Maybe my inner New Englander is coming out, but I believe that Tom Brady can do no wrong. UGGs are often thought of as a ladies’ brand, but if Tom Brady can wear them, why can’t you, guys?! UGG makes shoes for every age, gender, and personal style. From sneakers, to dress shoes, to cozy moccasins, and with their own line of men’s apparel and accessories, UGG is here for you on any occasion. And don’t be afraid to rock the Classic boot- if TB12 can do it, SO CAN YOU!*

(*Does not apply to football, just UGG wearing; he is vastly superior in all things football)

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