20 Things On Our Summer Bucket List

Sometimes it can seem like summer vacation just flies by and you don't get anything actually done. Avoid that wasted-summer feeling and be sure to check all these awesome things off your summer bucket list!

1. Dine Al Fresco

From brunching outside to snacks around the campfire, eating outside is such a summer luxury and it's one of my favorite things to do when the weather gets warmer. ‌

2. Cook or Bake Something New

You've got a tonne of time to get creative and there's no pressures of college studies hanging over your head to get in the way. Buy those ingredients in and make yourself a feast!

3. Go On a Hike

Exercising in the summer can be a toughie, do you really want to go sprinting outside and get super sweaty? Probably not. But, do you want to be stuck inside a gym when the weather is so gorgeous outside? Nope, again! Hiking is the perfect answer to these, start out early in the morning when it's cooler and you can be back by the pool by lunchtime. Hiking is also the perfect way to explore new places and really relax. ‌

4. Watch a Sunrise & A Sunset

This is a no brainer. Beautiful!

5. Hit The Beach

There's nothing better than hitting the beach when you're carefree and away from the commitments of college. Take a BBQ, a good book and some beers and settle down for the day. Article_BucketList_Summer_Sunglasses Image source

6. Outdoor Shows

Outdoor entertainment is a whole new ball game. You'll never want to watch your favourite band in doors ever again. Check out our festival guide for a load of inspiration.

7. Explore Your Own City

You never know what's under your nose until you properly explore!

8. Or... Explore A New City!

Taking a road trip or even just driving to the next town with some pretty cool landmarks can be an adventure in itself. Maybe try some new restaurants, take in the scenery or visit a park. Anything can be fun if you've got sunshine, your best friends and a sense of adventure.

9. Happy Hour

Let's face it, happy hour is awesome. But happy hour outside in the sunshine? Even better.

10. Outdoor Movie Screenings

This is along the same lines as outdoor music shows, you'll never want to go to the normal movies again! The fresh air will make all the difference to your experience. Article_BucketList_Summer_Cinema Image source

11. Read A Book

Or 4! Take the time to get away from your phone screen and your laptop and engross yourself in a new novel or even learn something brand new if information books are more your thing.

12. Go To A Baseball Game

Support your local team or even head out and see a national team and soak up the atmosphere.

13. Have A Water Balloon Fight

When it gets really hot, there's only one thing for it!

14. Go A Whole Day Without Technology

See how long you can go without updating Instagram, Twitter and Facebook! You'll probably be surprised how much you enjoy it.

15. Have A Bonfire

Toast those marshmallows! Article_BucketList_Summer_Bonfire Image source

16. Theme Parks & Fair Grounds

Get on some crazy rides and let yourself go!

17. Volunteer

Get involved in your community and make a difference. Check out out Top 3 Volunteering Roles post for more inspiration!

18. Take Up A DIY Project

Get seriously creative this summer. Customize jean shorts or even up cycle a piece of furniture. The possibilities are actually endless.

19. Yoga & Meditation

Relaxation is key for a summer vacation, right? Our Top 5 Yoga Poses for beginners post can help you well on your way to being a super Yogi!

20. Make Cocktails

Get your buddies round, make some Margaritas and grab a bowl full of tortilla chips, sounds perfect to me! Article_BucketList_Summer_Alcohol Image source

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