10 holiday beauty looks that aren't just a red lip

Sorry, Taylor Swift

We all know the struggle of the holiday season: how do I NOT do my makeup the same way for every holiday party I go to? For me, it’s either a soft smokey eye and a matte red lip, or some silver shimmer, winged eyeliner, and- you guessed it- a matte red lip. But there’s gotta be another way, right?! Right. I’ve done some research and I have compiled some of my FAVORITE examples of holiday makeup looks that will change things up, while keeping you in the festive spirit. After all, the best way to spread Christmas cheer is sparkly makeup for all to wear (that’s how the expression goes, right?).

1. The Gilded look

As the song goes, “silver and gold decorations on every Christmas treeeee…..” But right now, it’s all about having silver and gold (and BRONZE) decorations on every FACE. Metallic eyeshadow is where it’s at right now, and mixing metallics is not just welcomed, but encouraged. I’m obsessed with this look Rachel Trudell featuring BH Cosmetics. The eyelid moves from gold on the inside to silver on the outside, and there’s a gorgeous- yet subtle- gold halo moving up towards the brow. This look could be worn to a classy Christmas party with the bold maroon lip, or could even be worn to ring in the new year. 7th grade me is VERY excited that glittery eye shadow is back!

2. Shine bright

The holidays are a perfect time to be festive, and if you're like me, that means sparkles. This stunning look from MAC is just Christmassy enough, but still looks elegant (no tacky glitter here!). Red and gold are a perfect combination of colors that can be worn from now until New Year's Eve.

3. Rolling in the deep

I'm a huuuuge proponent of super dark lipstick, and I think the holiday season is the best time of year to have fun with it! This deep maroon brings a festive elegance to the look, and the coppery red eyeshadow helps to lighten the mood and make the whole look glow. Sigma Beauty always does a great job at adding some shine while also keeping the look grounded, and not letting it get too crazy (although I personally don't believe in makeup being "too crazy"), and this is a perfect example. Feel free to even add some glitter to the eyes! Or the lips, if that's more your speed!

4. The fresh-baked look

This look, using the Too Faced gingerbread spice palette, helps you channel your inner dessert lover while still being seasonal and subtle. I looove the warm, shimmery tones, and the way that the Gingerbread Matte lipstick gives a festive holiday glow without using any "traditional" holiday colors. It's a new era of holiday glam!

5. Not your classic red and green

In love with the color combo of the teal and the copper that BH Cosmetics has going on here. It's like a modern, elegant take on the classic red and green that we can tend to associate with the holiday season. You could wear this look in March or on Christmas Eve, which is what I love about it. The matching tassel earrings give it an extra boost and I would LOVE to see a dress that matches, too.

6. Berry pretty

Make your eyes look like beautiful glimmering sugarplums by recreating this look by Smolder Cosmetics. I'd love to see this with a peachy matte lip for an elegant take on a festive look. It's also a great way to spice up the all-black outfit that you inevitably will end up choosing for any classy Christmas parties you're invited to.

7. A natural glow

With all this talk of a bold eye or a bold lip, it’s easy to forget that sometimes a natural look is the best way to go! For that holiday brunch or a low-key family party, or even to balance out your wild holiday sweater, why not keep it simple? This look from Sigma Beauty is giving me MAJOR skin envy. It’s all about finding an eye shade that complements your skin tone and adds a bit of shimmer and warmth without dramatically altering your look. In this case, with the red hue, it adds a subtle nod to the holiday season. The lip is a very similar color, and is serving a similar purpose- glamming up the natural skin tone! I love the highlight work done here, as well. Total 10/10.

8. Red wine stain

You won't have to worry about your wine staining your lips if you wear wine-colored lipstick! I'm obsessed with the deep maroon and gold combination in this BH Cosmetics look, and I think it's a perfect blend of festive and unique. You definitely won't have the same look as anyone else at the party, and you'll get complements galore! And make sure to pile on that gold jewelry, babyyyy.

9. Taking the red eye

I promised this post wouldn't be looks that were just a red lip, so this look counts! Matching your eyeshadow to your lipstick, like ColourPop did here, is a bold move but soooo worth it. It could be the statement of your outfit, worn with a simple black dress or even something red. I could also see a dark green velvet number looking great with this look! Don't be afraid to take risks like this- it's festive szn!

Glitter in the air

New Year's Eve, wya??Honestly this MAC look would be amazing to watch the ball drop in, but it can be worn for your various holiday parties before then, too. You can wear it with basically any outfit because of the neutral lip and all the different colors in the glittery eyeshadow. Definitely keep this look in mind when you can't decide how to do your makeup for any party!

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