The perfect gift guide for a sneaker addict

1. Shape

Find out what sort of sneakers they enjoy wearing first, they might prefer the standard Nike Air Force 1 shape or something extravagant like the Fila Disruptor shape. It’s important to pay attention to the shape of their prefered sneaker because some people choose not to wear bulky shoes.

2. Colour, colour, colour!

It’s very important to make sure that the colour you choose to buy is something they’ll definitely wear as a statement sneaker or a sneaker that they’ll be able to wear with various outfits on a regular basis.

3. Brand

As snobby as this sounds, some people only prefer to wear Nike, for style purposes or some people prefer to wear New Balance for comfort purposes. So, you’ve got to make sure you’re searching for the right brand of sneakers.

It might be an idea to look at the sneakers they already have and get some inspo from there!

4. When

Two things you probably wouldn’t think about when buying sneakers is when they’re going to wear sneakers. For example, if your giftee only wears sneakers when they go out to clubs/bars then it’s not a good idea to buy fresh, white sneakers, it’ll be best to stick to darker colours. Or is your giftee only going to wear sneakers in winter? Then it’s best to make sure that the sneakers aren’t all fashion-based, there’ll definitely need to be some sort of grip on them.

5. Where

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