99 Souls: The Interview

If you haven’t already heard of 99 Souls then it’s about time you do! They’re an epic British house band best known for their hit ‘That Girl Is Mine’ which includes a pretty cool mash-up of Destiny’s Child - Girl.

After kicking off festival season at We Are FSTVL, we catch up with Jo and Soul to get the low-down on everything 99 Souls:

What’s your favourite track to play at a festival?

Feed Em to The Lions - Solo 45 always goes down well with the crowd so that’s definitely one of our top tracks to play.

Where do you get your inspiration from?

We’re into a lot of different kinds of music. Recently we’ve checked out jazz, gospel, folk, blues, a wide variety. But lyrically Bob Dylan and Bob Marley… all the Bobs basically! We always make sure our tracks work in the club no matter where our inspiration comes from.

What is your best advice for students looking to get into the music industry?

Before going to uni if you really want to work in the music industry, go to uni that has a music industry in that city. In the UK it’s mainly London but in the US you could go to Nashville, LA, New York, Atlanta. But definitely, head to London and start hustling whilst you’re at uni whatever they might be… an intern somewhere or managing an artist. If you’re at uni already, start doing stuff already, don’t wait until you’ve finished.

What’s the most challenging part of your job?

We love all of it, being in the studio writing songs, being on stage performing, whether it’s DJing or performing live. Performing live is the most special part of the job but being in the studio comes a close second. The most challenging part is travelling and airports… and getting up early!

What do you like best about your job?

We don’t think we’ve got there yet. We want to put out an amazing body of work that’s not just dance singles but a proper album that inspires people, uplifts people and changes perceptions. We want to make a serious impact on the world.

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