5 ways to dodge dreaded Fresher's flu

Fresher’s flu is one of the worst things you can catch at university (I mean let's not talk about STIs rn). Being plunged into a new environment means you’re susceptible to catching a load of germs that your body isn't used to. Yuck. But don’t worry, it is preventable. So if you want to avoid catching the dreaded flu, here are five tips you need to follow.

1. Get a good amount of sleep

We all know that Freshers is essentially sleep all day and party all night. But it can be hard to get a good amount of rest when you’re constantly out, sharing accommodation with new (and noisy!) people, or maybe just missing your bed at home. I recommend buying a mattress topper so you aren’t kept awake by lumps and bumps in your mattress. Eye masks and earplugs are also a good bet, so you can’t hear all the mayhem outside or inside your flat.

2. Stock up on fruit and veg

In your first week of university, it is very easy to think, ‘Hey, mum isn’t here to tell me not to eat an entire pack of doughnuts’. But mum also isn’t there to make sure you get the right amount of vitamins in your meals. Make sure your first shop to the supermarket involves picking up lots of them. Salads are easy ways to make sure you are getting nutrients, which will help your immune system loads.

3. Think about the drink

There is a lot of pressure to drink until you don’t know what the definition of drink even is in Fresher’s week. But, when you're hungover and your body is running low on sugars, you are vulnerable to the flu. Stick with one type of drink during the night. Drink water between alcoholic drinks and line your stomach with food before you start.

4. Keep your flat clean

Sharing an environment with a bunch of new people from all over the country? This sounds fun, but whilst they settle into their new surroundings, so do their germs. Keep your kitchen clean by stocking up on cleaning supplies, and ask everyone if they are cool with a cleaning rota. Make sure your room is germ-free by keeping bacterial spray by your desk, for a quick spritz when you have the chance.

5. Work it out

Exercise may be the last thing on your mind during Freshers. It is a brilliant way to start up your immune system, and you’ll feel great after doing it. Lots of universities have gyms on campus, and the membership cost isn’t very much. Go for a jog to explore your new surroundings, and discover loads of hidden spots that you can hang out in. Find a workout that suits you, and get into a routine - and no, dancing at the club doesn’t count!

These tips will keep you fresh, so one of the most memorable weeks of your life won’t be ruined by a nasty bug. Fresher’s flu? Prevented it, mate.

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