5 outfit tips for interview success

Having recently had an interview and knocked it out of the park, I like to think I’m newly qualified on interviews. Especially how to help you guys look your best for what can only be described, as a daunting and awkward experience. Gone are the days of just slipping into your suit that comes out for every formal event. With it being harder than ever to land your dream job, it’s massively important to make a great first impression. So to help you guys out, I’ve come up with five tips that will help you nail your next interview.

1. Do a little research

Researching the company you’re interviewing for is a given. But, this is also your perfect opportunity to look at what other members of the team are wearing. Does the office look relaxed? Are people wearing t-shirts? Jeans? Check out the 'meet the team' pages that a lot of companies have nowadays for a good insight. Scope out what they’re wearing, then take it up a notch slightly. If people tend to wear jeans and a t-shirt, then a smart oxford shirt like this ASOS number, a pair of jeans and a casual pair of shoes will hit the mark.

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2. Make sure it’s clean

Does this even need to be mentioned? Well, you’d be surprised. I know some of us guys get a bad rep for being shy of the iron or washing machine... You can make even the most basic outfit look a hundred times better by making sure everything is in good condition and is clean and ironed.

3. The shoes

So this tip probably sounds a little old school but I do still believe that your shoes are going to play a key part in your overall interview outfit. If you’ve got a pair of smart shoes already, sort them out. Make sure the soles are muck free and that the uppers are definitely polished if they’re leather. If you’re in the market for a new pair of interview shoes, check out these suede beauties from Topman. These are the perfect shoe for the classic, smart casual style I mentioned earlier.

4. Layer up

But Luke, it’s an interview not a mountain trek? OK so this might sound odd but there’s science behind the madness (well there’s not, it’s just my opinion, but go with it!)

Interviews can get the best of us a little sweaty. But, they also often take place in meeting rooms with the air-con blowing a gale! This leaves you shaking and looking more than a little nervous. For me, a light layer like this merino wool jumper covers you on all bases.

5. Be yourself

Without sounding too contradictory sometimes you need to throw caution to the wind and just go in there looking yourself. If trying to dress up in a way that isn’t you will make you feel awkward, the odds are your interview is going to suffer too. As I mentioned, make sure your clothing is looking it’s best regardless of what you wear. Your interviewer will know they are dealing with someone that cares and takes pride in themselves. That’s most important!

Hopefully, these ideas will get you set and feeling ready for your next big interview. Good luck!

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