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Greyhound Australia 15% Off - UNiDAYS student discount November 2021

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7 Instagram Snaps You Need to Get Down Under
If you went there but didn't take a photo for Instagram did it even happen?
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The Aussie Bucket List
What better time to stay on home soil and holiday here 🦘
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Top Tips For Travelling Solo Around Australia
Before you set off on your own, familiarise yourself with these top 5 tips for travelling solo.
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7 Reasons To Whimit
Whimit = flexible, unlimited travel on our entire network around Australia
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What is preventing you from travelling?
  • Travel restrictions
  • Not interested
  • Too expensive
  • Too much of a hassle
  • Scared and worried
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What is making you want to travel? 🗺
  • I reallllllly need a holiday
  • I want to visit friends and/or fam
  • I had a previous trip cancelled
  • I want to challenge myself
  • I want to see more of the world
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How do you feel about travelling within Australia?
  • Super keen & excited! 🥳
  • Anxious, but will be worth it 💪
  • Not for me atm 😶
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How are you feeling about your next holiday?
  • A holiday right now? No way! 😶
  • It’s all I'm dreaming about 😴
  • Already have one in the works ✈️
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When are you planning on taking your next holiday?
  • Before the end of the year
  • Early 2022
  • In the next 3 months
  • In the next 6 months
  • At some point in 2022