Trending: Acrylic nail designs

Check out some of the top trending acrylic nail designs and shapes that are taking over right now!

From coffin shape to pointy claws and matte grey to pink camouflage, which ones are going to tickle your fancy?

Take a look…

First we have some ombre nail designs, perfect for the simple summer nail.

Here we have some coffin shape nails again, however, these designs are a little loud. First of all some bright, shiny designs quite similar to the chrome nail design that took over the 2017 summer trend.

Then a quirky design on these pink nails, perfect for a wedding celebration. The white/pink/gold colourway with the cute jewel finish compliment the full set well.

A different shape, some call them claws and some call them silhouette nails, this particular design is quite sleek and elegant, the marble nail effect is quite rare but the grey colour surrounding the main nail ties the design well. We then have the matte pink with the featured camouflage nail, another fun and fabulous look that would be perfectly suited for a special occasion.

Look at these bad boys! Scratching everybody’s eyes out since 2015!

And finally, we have these, a little out of the ordinary, not so bad boy nails. If you can’t afford Louis Vuitton, get the brand printed on your nails, right? Are we feeling these guys?

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