The ultimate lazy Halloween costumes

Getting dressed up for Halloween feels like fun and games, until you’ve left it until the day before the party you’ve been invited to and you have NOTHING to dress up in. We’ve all been there so here are some of the best lazy costumes that you can knock up last min.

Men in Black

Everyone has a black blazer and black jeans/ trousers lying around. Pair them with another wardrobe staple, the white shirt and track down a black tie from somewhere (or worst case scenario, make one out of paper.) What’s even better is thanks to the release of Men in Black International this year, your look will be even more topical than ever.

A sim

This is probably the easiest of them all. Literally dress as yourself and all you need to add is a headband with the iconic sims jewel over your head.

Wednesday from the Adams family

I’ve gone back to this halloween look many times. All you need is to plait your hair whack on a black dress and with some kind of collar. She is an iconic character and you can be sassy at the party.

Frida Kahlo

We all have a flower crown lying around from some kind of festival or party from a few years back. Team this with a makeshift uni-brow (eyeliner is best for this) and pair with a colourful dress and you’re good to go!

A possessed [fill in the blank]

Do you have an old costume lying around somewhere? Maybe it’s a princess outfit from someone’s sweet 16 or maybe it’s your favourite movie character. All you need is some fake blood to horror up the outfit and you're a possessed version of that outfit.

Plain clothes Harry Potter

Don’t have the commitment to go full cloak and Hogwarts uniform, why not opt for non-term time Harry Potter. You can easily enough fashion a wand out of cardboard and all you need then is the iconic scar and glasses.

Black cat

Easy and very Halloween friendly. Literally get out all the black items you own, create some kind of look and all you need to buy is cat ears, which are cheaply available around this time of year. Use eye-liner to add feline features to your face.


The classic Halloween costume. Not too dissimilar from the black cat option, instead swap out the black clothes for any red items in your wardrobe and create some kind of outfit. Either pop down to the shops and get yourself some devil horns or DIY it!

Hero source

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