Running accessories to gear you up for your summer bod

Excited for summer, but not feeling yo’self? I hear you...

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But fear not all - it’s never too late to get running for that summer bod! Here are our top garms to help motivate you and get your running swag on point…


Whether you’re an absolute beginner or Forrest Gump, it all starts with the shoes. Trying to find that mix of comfort and style can be tricky, but Nike have got us covered this summer with 10% off.

Check out their Zoom Fly SP running shoes. They come in a range of summery colours and yes - the fact they’re named Fly instantly makes you feel like a pro-marathoner.

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The ultimate item for 10/10 running swag. Not only are caps on trend this year, but they’re also a great way to keep your face out of the sun and to avoid any awkward eye-contact if you don’t want to be spotted whilst out doing your thang. 15% off Adidas - rude not to...

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Watch yo’self

One of the best ways to stay motivated in the lead up to summer is to track your run. Not only does wearing a watch update you on your progress whilst out and about, but most importantly it tells you pace, distance and calories burned - so you can work out how much pizza you can demolish after!

The Fitbit Alta is slaying the watch game right now.

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Pins for the wins

Last but not least, every runner needs to show off their pins with a great pair of leggings. Check out the range of styles and patterns over at Reebok. Here are some of our faves with 15% off, cheers Reebok hun.

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