My thoughts on finishing my GCSE's

After finishing my GCSEs after 3 years it feels weird to finally have the summer off and to get some proper sleep.I don’t have to remind people that GCSEs have been really challenging to everyone in my year group, a brand new specification, the new number grading system, even the workload has been enormous this year- but hopefully the time you’ve put into all this should pay off… right?

But is what you get on results day an accurate reflection of the improvement, effort or skill you’ve put into a subject? Most feel like it is down to luck on the day of exams, which is sometimes the case, as its been known that some final exam papers will mostly test one aspect of the subject, making the years you’ve spent studying the other content feel like a waste.

The frustration and stress of the exam season is something no one wants to remind themselves of, especially during their summer break. However as results day looms closer, whether you are excited to see what you have got or are nervous to find out, my biggest piece of advice I can give for people in my situation is to remember GCSEs are a stepping stone in allowing you to do A-levels and to start fresh in sixth form or college. Yes, GCSEs are important, but don’t sacrifice your well being for high grades.

If the worst comes to the worst, you can always resit maths or english, and there is always support, whether it’s from family or somewhere you can visit who can help if you are struggling! If you are sitting exams next year, my advice would be to do little bits of revision each day instead of trying to relearn everything everything in the months leading up.

You’ll feel more confident and prepared for the real thing no matter what’s thrown at you on the day.

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