Make the most of summer fun with this hot recommendation from Melanie Murphy

It’s a fact of life that I enjoy talking about sex and masturbation. A LOT.

I also enjoy spending as little money as possible, as well as using all of the emojis in my texts (particularly in sexy texts to my boyfriend, hehe).

Combine that love of sex toys, discounts and cute emojis and you’ve basically got the catalyst leading to this blog post.

Lovehoney, the world's favourite online sex shop (and mine!), sent me out their new Gen Z product, the Oh-Moji Rechargeable Mini Wand, so I could give it a try. And to be honest, when this package arrived amongst all of my other PR packages of random makeup items and phone cases and adorable accessories, I’ll be honest - I had no idea that these little things were vibrators!

They’re very small, discreet and fun-looking, to the point where I can’t WAIT until the next day I have a friend in my room, so I can flash this toy and play the game of “guess what this is! No, go on, GUESS!”.

Firstly, the Oh-Moji is rechargeable - which is a huge plus. Those of us who care about the environment can enjoy minimal guilt whilst having our fun with these as there’s no need for batteries! They can be used for massage play with (or without) a partner (the smaller size makes this very couple friendly), are ideal for travel - think festivals, mini-breaks, and basically all airport situations. I for one am always the one person who has their handbag rummaged through by security, and I know I’ll feel zero nerves if the airport staff spot this on me in future! It could be literally anything. No awkward moments or dirty looks for me, thank you very much. Just orgasms, and a confident glide through security.

If you’d like to have some playful, private happy-fun-times with the focused vibration of an Oh-Moji micro wand, you’re in luck because right now UNiDAYS are offering a 20% discount code for these - AND there’s also a £10 off launch offer!


I know that these days we’re becoming more and more comfortable when talking about and admitting to enjoying a bit of self-love time every now and then (or multiple times a day, who’s judging?), but at the same time there are certainly still MANY young people who feel ashamed, and who don’t want people to know their business. These toys are ideal for you guys, as well as those like ME who are perfectly happy to swing around big dildos in videos on YouTube (lol) because, well, they’re really, really good… multiple speeds and patterns, awesome with water-based lube, rechargeable, teeny and FUN.

The discount is a gift from us to you, and of course, feel free to use it as a gift from you to a friend!


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