How to organise your uni workload

Some of you will be starting your first year of university soon or heading into your second, third or fourth year. Have you decided how you’re going to organise your busy workload yet?

If you have, that’s great- keep it up.

For those of you who haven’t a clue on how you’re going to get through your first day let alone handle the rest of the year, then here’s a couple of things that just might help you figure your life out a bit.

Lists, lists, lists

Make yo lists, even if they’re rough or on the back of a napkin, whatever works for you- do it. Ticking todo’s off a list is probably one of the most satisfying feelings, ever. Jot down all the main things that you need to get done that day or that week and write down sub-lists of what you need to do in order to complete that one main task. An image GIF Source

Get some folders

Sorting your work, files, papers, notes into a folder where everything is visible will help sort your brain out. If you really feel like pushing the boat out then you can even colour-coordinate your files too.

Make use of a calendar

Whether it’s the calendar on your phone or laptop be sure to make use of it. A good way to use a calendar is to have one you can write on so you have a large visual aid of what you have to do and when you need to get it done by. An image GIF Source

Post-it notes

As messy as post-it notes can seem, they’re super handy. Post-it notes can be used to, of course, make notes. But, they come in various shapes and colours, therefore, using them to divide your work or using certain colours to make notes about a specific topic can work really well.

Use your time effectively

This one is the most important one, use all of your time effectively. Don’t get me wrong, it’s completely fine to have an odd ‘off’ day now and then, but don’t let yourself fall into a cycle.

Plan your time effectively, to get everything that you need to get done in a sufficient amount of time and make sure you make time for you to rest and recuperate. An image GIF Source

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