How to cope with your anxiety during freshers

For a lot of people who suffer from anxiety the thought of starting uni can be daunting. However, there are many people at uni who are going through these experiences and it can be a wonderful experience for those with anxiety.

We’ve put together some tips which may help you through freshers. Of course, these might not work for everyone but these are some things that have worked for other anxiety sufferers!

Take time for yourself

The perception of freshers is often one of crowded rooms and loud parties. However, throughout your first few weeks at uni there can be a lot of downtime and feel free to use this time for yourself. Every moment of every day does not have to be spent making new friends or trying new things. Apps like Headspace can help you practise mindfulness so you can make sure you take some time out.

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Sleep and eat well

For a lot of freshers, uni is the first time you’ll be managing what you eat and when you eat all the time. It’s also tempting not to sleep well in order to make time for socialising or binge watching your latest Netflix obsession, but eating and sleeping well can have a big impact on managing your anxiety. Try to eat fresh foods and getting a decent amount of sleep each night might seem basic, but it could go a long way.

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Surround yourself with the right people

During freshers week, it’s easy to worry that the people you’ve been spending time with aren’t really the people for you and you’re never going to find people that get you. However, the great thing about uni is that every day you new people and you won’t necessarily be hanging out with the first people you meet.

It is also ok to stop hanging out with people that make you feel bad or make you feel anxious. There are so many societies to join and if that’s not your thing there are so many opportunities to meet people you genuinely connect with. Don’t panic, just give it a little time.

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Plan if you can

One big thing that can cause anxiety is thinking about how to get to certain lectures or making your way around your uni. If you find yourself worrying about these things, it’s ok to try out your route to uni before your lectures start or find a room before a seminar just so you’re as prepared as you can be before the teaching actually starts.

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Find what works for you

There is not one magical way that will help every person that suffers from anxiety during their first few weeks of freshers, so just find what works for you. None of the above may apply to you but if you find something else that helps you cope, then go with it! It could be anything from writing to talking to people you are familiar with.

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