Best reactions to Beyonce and Jay-Z’s new album ‘Everything is Love’

Beyonce and Jay-Z have just released a 9-track joint album, ‘Everything is Love,’ on Jay-Z’s Tidal streaming service and social media has gone into meltdown.

Their music video for the track ‘APESH*T’ was filmed at the Louvre museum in Paris and features Jay-Z and Beyonce displaying a united front. This comes after the release of Beyonce’s critically-acclaimed album ‘Lemonade’ and Jay-Z’s album 4:44, which both addressed Jay-Z’s infidelity and the rockiness in their marriage.

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It appears the waves have subsided and all is merry again for The Carters, although not everyone is convinced. UNiDAYS brings you some of the best reactions to Beyonce and Jay-Z’s album ‘Everything is Love’.

The hype has been real…

Some saw it as the perfect love story…

While many were unconvinced…

While pretty much everyone agreed that filming in the Louvre was extra AF, but we love it…

But others seemed a little confused…

Not quite, hun.

Whether you’re feeling the love or not, it cannot be contested that the ‘APESH*T’ music video is a feat nothing short of artistic. And we love the fact that Bey and Jay-Z managed to shoot at one of the world’s most iconic landscapes without a single leak.

Not to mention the way in which the video highlights Black figures in a gallery of mainly white artists and subjects. This comes shortly after the release of Childish Gambino’s explosive hit ‘This is America’, the video of which makes a statement about important political issues, such as gun violence and the ongoing oppression of men and women of colour in America. Jason Parham discusses this new, contemporary thread of ‘protest music’ in his article for Wired. Are Beyonce and Jay-Z attempting to make a political statement in ‘APESH*T’ with lyrics such as ‘I can’t believe we made it’?

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