A uni experience to remember, whilst living at home

You’ve secured a place at your university of choice. Congrats! It’s time to venture out into the ‘big world’ on your own. But, there’s no need to throw yourself into the deep end just yet. Don’t stress if you aren’t ready to leave home comforts and pets behind, it’s possible to have the ultimate uni experience while living at home...with added benefits. Here’s a few pros and cons for you to consider:

The pros of living at home

Home comforts are sorely missed when living away. But you won’t have this problem. YAY to never missing a roast dinner! You may even be one of the fortunate students with parents that cook meals ready for when you’ve finished a day of lectures. Lucky! Also, it’s well-known that food goes missing when living in accommodation. So if you aren’t one for sharing, uni accommodation may not be for you.

Money! Money is a big factor that must be taken into consideration when deciding whether to stay at home or leave the nest. The cost of uni accommodation, day-to-day expenses and social events add up, leaving you out of pocket. Living at home can reduce the temptation to spend, allowing your bank balance to remain healthy.

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Sorry to break it to you but deadlines come around a lot sooner than you think. Living at home = less distractions. Revising at home reduces the chance to be distracted by roaring music from the next block. Unfortunately, the stress that comes with approaching deadlines and exams is difficult to remove. Good luck!

The cons of living at home

Public transport...yuck! When living at home, you don’t have the luxury of rolling out of bed 5 minutes before a lecture like most students. Travelling can become an expense if you live away from campus. This is an important factor to take into consideration when opting to live at home. But it’s always a bonus if you spot a 10/10 on the commute.

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Making friends is a concern for everybody embarking on their university journey. Staying at home may reduce your chances of being able to socialise from morning till night but don’t worry! If you experience FOMO, there are plenty of societies and clubs to join that are so fun and sociable you would never miss out on a thing.

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Parents attempting to hold onto their youth may cramp your style. Depending on how relaxed they are, you may be questioned on your social life. Who are you going out with? What time are you coming back? Is that your boyfriend? Ugh! But if you don’t have overbearing parents, there’s no problem in living a typical student lifestyle just as you please.

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Whether you choose to stay at home or move into accommodation, university is a life-changing experience that is about to shape your future and leave you with long-lasting memories. Grab every opportunity that is thrown your way and appreciate every moment. Take it from a graduate, uni flies by!

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