A freshers' guide: finding your tribe

Making friends at university can be one of a Freshers main worries, so you’re not alone if you’re feeling this way. Going through a whole lot of change in one go can seem very daunting so be sure to check out our tips on dealing with change if you’re feeling a little overwhelmed.

Leaving your friends behind to move to a new city ready to start your uni experience can be a worrying time, or even just travelling to uni from home every day… you still want to make friends. But fear not, with these top tips you’ll have plenty of new friends in no time. Why not discover which sport or society your best suited to? Make sure you head to your uni's Sports and Society Fayre to discover your potential to unlocking new hobbies.

1. Join all the Facebook Groups

At the start of a new term there a numerous Facebook Groups you can join and start interacting with other students. Whether it’s a group about the hottest nights out or for your academic course… you’ll be able to find like-minded students that you’ll soon become friends with.

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2. Keep your door open

If you’re living in halls, shutting yourself off from the hustle and bustle of everyday life isn’t going to do yourself any favours. Bring a door stop with you so your housemates can easily stop by for a chat on their way in or out. Having your door open will no doubt open up a lot of opportunities for you.

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3. Go to Freshers events

Freshers is a busy period jam packed full of events for you to try. Get your new housemates together and head on out to make even more friends! Whether it’s a night out at your local club or a games night in the sports hall. The options are endless and there’s something for everyone.

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4. Sit next to people in lectures

It can be a little nerve wracking sitting next to someone you don’t know, and you’ll probably feel more comfortable leaving a couple of empty seats in between… but trust me it’s worth it. Sitting next to someone could be the start of a new friendship you never would have had otherwise. It’s time to step out of your comfort zone.

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5. Join sports clubs and societies

Finding people with common interests to you is a great start for finding long lasting friendships. Joining a sports club or a society is one of the best ways to do just that. It also helps to extend your friendship group, so that you’ve got another circle of friends. Hello housemates, course mates and now… sports/society mates.

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6. Make plans

And it doesn’t always have to be a night out. What about lunch? A girly night in? An escape room? The options are endless and a great way for you to get to know new people better. The more time you spend together the quicker you’ll become bffl’s.

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