9 Fresher fancy dress ideas

So fancy dress is a pretty big deal at uni, and it’s not very easy to think of quick and simple outfits to throw together for when your mate invites you to a last minute party! So a massive thank you to DMU Netball in Leicester for showing us some top notch ideas - you all look absolutely amazing!

1. Native American

Native American is a really great fancy dress idea as it’s so easy to create! There is so many variations you can create for this theme, but to keep it as simple as possible; grab a large brown t-shirt (the bigger the better) and cut fringing into the sleeves and hem at the bottom, if you’re feeling arty, try adding beads to the fringe. After that, all you need to do is grab a cheap headband and attach as many feathers as possible to the front! Complete this look with tribal lines across your cheeks and you’re good to go! Article-size_fancydress_6

2. Minnie Mouse

Minnie Mouse is not only cute, it’s also cost effective. You can make Minnie’s ears by cutting out circles from black card and sticking them onto a cheap plastic headband, add a cute red bow if you can! If you want to go all out, make sure you use liquid eyeliner on your nose to complete the look.  Article-size_fancydress_5

3. Cave women

It's super lucky that leopard print was on trend recently, how simple is it to create a cave woman outfit now? If you didn’t jump on the printed bandwagon, it’s really cheap to pick up the material from the market, and you don’t even have to do much with it! Pin the fabric as a bandeau dress if you don’t have time to get your craft on and complete the look with a club or hair bone. Don’t forget to add lots of bronzer and brown eyeshadow to create dirt marks on your face! Article-size_fancydress_1

4. Troll Dolls

How incredible is this? The full effect of a brilliant fancy dress idea with hardly any work involved. Keep it 90’s and go for the Troll Doll look. Put a plastic bottles in your hair to keep it standing up, and added a ton of coloured hairspray to secure it. Wear the same colour shirt as the colour you plan to spray in your hair are you’re good to go! Article-size_fancydress_7

5. Food & drink

Okay, this one might take a little more work, but look how incredible everyone looks! You can either keep it cheap and go for grapes (as it still looks awesome) with different colour balloons and attach them to your clothes, though you need to be prepared to protect your outfit all night. If you’re feeling inspired you can whip out your sewing machine and create a delectable design such as pizza!  Article-size_fancydress_2

6. Grannies & Babies

How to look cute and hilarious at the same time? Grannies and babies is the answer. This fancy dress is perfect for societies at freshers, old girls being grannies and freshers are babies! Head to the market and grab a nightie for cheap and use as much dry shampoo as humanly possible to add the grey effect to your hair, the rest can be done with makeup by adding wrinkles. If you weren’t already sold, you can wear your slippers to the club - it’s the dream!

7. Minions

Yes, Minions. If you have a pair of denim dungarees hanging up in your wardrobe it would be a crime not to dress up as a loveable minion. Yellow t-shirts are sold super cheap on the high-street and you can find the glasses at any pound shop. Cut out the Minion logo from the internet and pin it to your dungarees to add the cherry on top! Article-size_fancydress_3

8. Ninja Turtles

Is green your colour? Ninja Turtles isn’t the easiest fancy dress to pull together, but it definitely pays off when you do! Create an eye mask by cutting out holes in any colour fabric you like, this will be really cheap and easy to find from the market. Turtle shells might take a lot of effort to make, so if you don’t have the time throw on a backpack and stuff it with clothing to replicate it! Article-size_fancydress_8

9. Hippies

Floral headband? Check. Circular glasses? Check. Long flowing skirt? Check! You don't need a lot to ace this hippie/bohemian look. Floral is a staple look in most people's wardrobe, it’s just about how you dress it! Take a trip to your local charity shop to find the perfect flared trousers or tye dye top, and don’t forget to throw up a few peace signs in your photos! Article-size_fancydress_4

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