8 plus size Instagram models you should follow ASAP

Some people are born with confidence, and some have to work at it.

I am one of the many that have struggled with embracing their figure, but I have been able to find confidence and love for my body by drawing strength from others, just like these beautiful, body positive Instagrams!

If you like fashion:


The self-proclaimed 5th Golden Girls Tabria Majors has some fantastic plus size summer fashion inspo, her page makes you want to wear your bathing suit all day. Check her podcast as well at @thethickpodcast!


A big advocate for fashion nova, Natalia Lorenzo’s high heeled boots, and crop tops are always on point for 2019. You’ll also get to view all her travels, causing both fashion, body positive, and travel fomo.

If you like accounts that are aesthetically pleasing:


If you love the vintage look and Disney, then you should definitely be following Bree Kish. Her polka dot headbands and grey backgrounds give you a 60’s feel and she proves you can show out in front of Disney's magic castle at any age


At 21, not only is her hair absolute goals, so is love for herself and her eye for colors! Each picture has vibrant and happy colors that show off how much she loves her body and her creativeness.


Susan Presley is one of my personal favorite plus size models. The bright pinks, greens, and reds in her photos could stand out by themselves, but her confident presence takes them to the next level! Her cactus wedges and Pomeranian named peanut are just more reasons to love her profile.

I##f you're looking for male plus-size models


Male plus-size models are frequently unrepresented in the fashion community and musician Troy Solomon is part of the movement to change that! His music is wonderful, as are his bright neon outfits.


Sabas Whittaker is a Big And Tall model and is absolutely killing it. He’s an influencer, CEO of Showtime Security, and a #thriftking.

If you’re looking for a proud, plus size black woman taking over the music industry:


Looking for someone who twerks while playing the flute? Maybe someone who's album makes you want to take over the world? Or someone who preaches total self-love? Well, lucky for you, Lizzo is the plus size model/musician for you. Every post on her page is a celebration of plus size women and women of color, she is an absolute necessity in your following list.

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