8 instagram accounts breaking the taboo around mental health

It’s great that conversations are starting to open up around the subject of mental health, but although it seems like we’re becoming better at it, it can still be hard to talk about certain subjects. Although social media is often to blame for exacerbating mental health issues, it can also be a great place to realise that you’re not alone. From memes on anxiety to daily reminders you are good enough, if you go to the right places, instagram can be a great place to break down those mental health taboos. Here’s some of our fave accounts that do just that!

1. Hussainmanawer

Hussain is a poet and by he describes himself as ‘writing my way through depression and grief.’ after the loss of his mother, Hussain talks openly about how his mental health has been affected and he is even trying to get a spoken word song about grief and loss in the UK top 40 by Christmas.

2. Violetclair

Violet is an illustrator and comic maker. She mainly has illustrations around being a woman and her dating life, but also honestly portrays the struggles she comes into contact with. A personal favourite of mine is the one below, which shows that sometimes people act cooler than they actually feel inside.

3. Sadgirlsclub

This is an account driven by women of colour which aims to create a community in the mental health world and ignite conversations with GenZ & millennials.

4. Lizzobeeating

Everyone just needs a pick-me-up once in a while and Lizzo’s account is such a positive place on the internet. As well as her hilarious videos and captions, she also talks candidly about days she doesn’t feel good which acts as a reminder that we don’t have to be at our best every day.

5. Matthewzaremba

Matthew is another artist and his illustrations are more thought-provoking and can be satirical and clever. Definitely one of the more interesting accounts on insta.

6. Thepsychologymum

The psychology mum is a clinical psychologist and, again, posts illustrations that contain evidence based mental health and psychology tit bits.

7. Howdoyouadult

This account is run by a twenty-something who talks about the everyday struggles of trying to adult which can bring a lot of stress and anxiety.

8. Mytherapistsays

This meme account brings some light hearted-ness to mental health in the hope to break down barriers around talking about it. Also if you’re going through mental health issues, there are many relatable AF memes.

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