7 ways to beat the January blues

I think it’s a well known fact that January is the bleakest month of the entire year, with the hustle and bustle of Christmas and New Year we’re left feeling empty or bored. With the Christmas decorations packed away and the weather being all doom and gloom, its easy to get caught up feeling less than motivated and inspired. Along with all of this we’re all a little depressed by the lack of daylight and probably funds. January don’t have to be all doom and gloom though, there are many small and simple ways to beat the January blues:

1. Clear the clutter

The new year is a perfect time to de-clutter your life, home, phone or maybe just your mind. With all the Christmas decorations put away you’re left feeling a little underwhelmed, piles of lynx shower sets scattered around the house and the odd chocolate coin appearing is the most random of places. Clearing out old, unwanted items can be very therapeutic and put you in a better mindset for being motivated in the following months. Having a thorough de-clutter means being ruthless, does it add any joy into your life? Have you worn it in the last 9 months? No? Then get rid.

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2. Forget about the resolutions

Resolutions go hand in hand with January, its almost odd if you don’t start the new year with unrealistic resolutions. There is nothing worse than the feeling of setting yourself a task and not be able to achieve it, that feeling of not being good enough is horrible. Instead of setting large unattainable goals why not choose smaller goals that can be ticked of weekly or monthly, this way you are making slow progress throughout the year rather than non at all.

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3. Say hi

Being social doesn’t have to mean having to go out every weekend and having drinks or food with friends, it can be simple things that don’t have to cost you anything. Having a movie night and getting everyone to bring snacks or having a make your own pizza dinner party. Whatever you want to do, being social and interactive with friends is better than shutting yourself in at home. If you’re feeling blue or just not your self its important to surround yourself with supporting friends and family.

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4.The great outdoors

With the lack of hours where we have light outside its so important to be active and getting up and going outside and getting fresh air. Now yes the weather is kind of rubbish but that’s no excuse, wrap up warm, don’t forget your umbrella and get out there! Go for a walk in the park, take the dog out or walk into town and grab a coffee. Whatever you do It’s bound to help raise your mood even if only a small bit.

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5. Make plans

January is the best time to start planning what you would like your 2019 to look like. Many of us feel like January is the longest month of the year with us looking to the summer to start planning the year, but why wait until June to start planning? Don’t worry if your bank account is feeling the strain of Christmas, New Years and all the sales. Planning both work and your social life can be fun and having something to look forward to will help boost your mood.

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6. If you love it do it

Life is short, so spend it doing what you love. Make 2019 the year of happiness and being yourself, stop worrying and stressing out about what people think of you and just be yourself. Love that pink dress but scared what people might think? Wear it! If it makes you feel good who cares what a bunch of strangers think about it. Read a book, watch that TV show, ask that guy/ girl on a date. Don’t be scared to do what you love, 2019 should be the year of self-love.

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7. Try something new

Feel like you’re missing out on something? Maybe it’s time to take up a new hobby, whether its learning a new language, starting a yoga class or trying out salsa dancing. Doing something new will get you inspired and excited for the following year. Even small things like reading a new book or starting a new journal always makes me feel motivated and excited for the rest of the month and what it holds. For many its important to see the new year not as another day but and a fresh new chapter.

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