7 things to do now you've got your place at uni

So, you’ve likely recently had the long-awaited email that has confirmed it for you: you’re going to university! Exhale. But you’re not done just yet – oh, no. There are still a few things to take care of before you sit back and chill, and I’ve done you the kind service of writing them down below. You’re welcome!

1. Find your student accommodation

 Whether it’s university-owned or private, places are going to fill up fast. Make finding your accommodation a priority so you get the one you want. Yep, you will probably cry at some point – you’ve seriously got to leave your beautiful bed behind?! – but I promise, you’ll feel better once you’ve got your housing in the bag. Having-Move-Back-Your-Parents-House Gif Source

2. Sort your student finance

 Boring but essential, like washing your hair (don’t even get me started). Make sure your university and the student finance company you’re using know all of your up-to-date details, and if you’ve changed your university choice, make sure your finance provider knows so they don’t end up sending it to the wrong place. If you don’t yet have a bank account, now’s the time to get one.  cm-44235-450f0aeb8d141a Gif Source

3. Read a book

And not the university reading list you’ve been sent (although you should probably tackle that at some point, too), but real novels. When you’ve started uni and have a pile of work to do, you’ll be surprised at how much you just want to sit and relax with nothing else on your mind. Do it while you’ve got time! giphy Gif Source

4. Have a Netflix binge

If you’re not that into reading, Netflix will give you the same sort of relaxation. Why not save up some shows? They’ll come in handy when you’ve studied too much – and trust me, there is such a thing as studying too much! watching-tv-gif Gif Source

5. Make a budget

Sorry – it’s not all fun and games. When your student finance rolls in, you’re going to want to plan well enough so that your money isn’t gone within a week. Believe me, I learned the hard way. You’ll need to make a list of everything you need, and roughly how much it’ll cost. Part-time jobs seriously help, but making that student finance money stretch is what you want to focus on first and foremost. 75215-breaking-bad-bed-of-money-gif-vdla Gif Source

6. Practise your social skills

Now’s not the time to get rusty. I know, I know, Netflix causes hermit-itis, but if there’s anything you don’t want to be when the time comes to start uni, it’s antisocial. Spend time with friends and family, and get in the habit of being in near-constant communication with new acquaintances. rs_500x242-140508105807-jennifer-gifs-3-jennifer-lawrence-33845017-500-242 Gif Source

7. Sleep

Sleep, dammit! If you’re the partying type, make sure you don’t replace sleep with nights out. If you’re not the partying type, make sure you’re not replacing it with Netflix (Netflix is always to blame). A healthy balance is key. Sleep is your friend, and it’ll keep you functioning on the days that work demand is high. 

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