6 ways to make time for yourself every day

Make 'you time' when you can!

It’s a chaotic time of the year. It’s that peak time of the year, when the dust has almost settled. New Year is over and Christmas is long gone - no more delicious chocolates or roast potatoes. The holidays are always stressful, and so is life. Before you pull your hair out, just hear me out. There are plenty of ways to take a minute yourself, so read on for 6 ways to make time for yourself.

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1. “Just Keep Swimming.” — Dory, Finding Nemo

“When life gets you down, you know what you gotta do? Just keep swimming. Just keep swimming. Just keep swimming, swimming, swimming.” — Dory, Finding Nemo

I know that is easier said than done, but sometimes you just gotta take Dory’s wise advice and 'just keep swimming.' As long as you push through and get things done, you’ll feel good about yourself and take time to take care of yourself. Go ahead have that extra slice of cake, you deserve it!

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2. Breathe

This tip is also easier said than done, but sometimes we all need to hear it. Just take a moment, close your eyes and breathe. In the midst of everyday life we all forget to breathe. Deep breathing is said to lower stress, so go ahead and take a breath! An image Gif source

3. Say no

We all have priorities and we all have things we have to do. If life is drowning you and you just need a minute, say no to that favour someone asked you for. After hearing Shonda Rhimes say this I myself have implemented it. She told Oprah on Super Soul Sunday “No I am not able to do that.” She goes on to say “how weird it is say to that to people.... as if you’re required to defend your niceness.” Don’t take that extra load at work just because you need the money; you need your health, too. It’s ok to say no, and you do not have to explain yourself to anyone.

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4. Do things that bring you happiness

If you enjoy reading or exercising, do those things. Do things for yourself that make you happy. If you have to go to the gym, find an exercise at the gym that you enjoy. Or, if you have a favorite show, watch that show.

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5. Turn off your technology

In today‘s day and age our phones are mini computers, and we are ready to put out any fire that comes our way. Some jobs require that you be on a computer all day, and if that is the case, just take ten minutes a day, and step away from the screen. Instead of having lunch if front of your technology, go outside and breathe some fresh air in.

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6. Don't feel guilty

If there is one thing that you should take from this blog, it is 'don’t feel guilty.' You are a priority and if you aren’t healthy and happy, how do you expect to take care of all the things you have to do in life?

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