6 reasons students love UNiDAYS

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Absolutely everything from fashion and food to tech and travel. UNiDAYS is all about helping students live their lives to the fullest by giving them the deals that they need. It doesn't matter if you're looking for delicious distractions, motivation music, or pop quiz prep... UNiDAYS has you covered. Still not convinced? Here are 6 reasons to love UNiDAYS.

1. It's easier to get the essentials

Every year, buying school supplies gets harder and harder. It doesn't matter how many highlighters, notebooks, mousepads you buy... you always seem to have to buy new ones. With UNiDAYS you no longer have to worry about whether or not it's worth it. You get a discount! Save money with Ryman, Paperchase and Waterstones.

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2. UNiDAYS is partnered with some BIG brands

Surely you've heard of Apple, ASOS, Nike, Deliveroo, and Spotify which UNiDAYS are currently partnered with. And to top it all off... we're constantly gaining new partners too.

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3. The gym being "too" expensive is a thing of the past

Nobody likes going to the gym... okay well MANY people don't like going to the gym. Also, gym memberships can get pretty expensive depending on what you're looking for. Our partnership with Pure Gym makes it easier to work out in your own time and at your own pace (and won't completely break the bank).

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4. You can listen to your music in peace

Nothing is worse than being in the middle of a song when all of a sudden it's interrupted by a commercial. Or perhaps you want to have your favourite playlist BUT IT DOESN'T WORK OFFLINE! Well with Apple Music you can merge your libraries. By upgrading to Apple Music you no longer have to deal with inputting your password in EVERY TIME you want to buy a song. PLUS you then get instant access to all Apple Music has to offer, including today's hottest hits.

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5. There's always an excuse to overhaul your wardrobe

As Lady Gaga once said, "Walk, walk fashion baby." As stated earlier, UNiDAYS is partnered with some BIG brands. That means that there are some BIG savings when it comes to fashion. If you've always wanted to try a new style but were scared to in case it didn't work out, forget about it. Saving on UNiDAYS means it's way easier to take a fashion risk and it not totally demolish your budget.

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6. You can earn £££ by referring friends

Probably the easiest £5 you'll ever make. It's easy to earn rewards when you refer friends to UNiDAYS. You may be asking yourself how. All you have to do is get friends to join using your personal referral link. For each friend that joins, you earn £5 that you can redeem with one of our specific brands. Winner!

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